Airtel SMS not working after SIM change, Unable to Send or Receive SMS

By | October 10, 2021

If you’re airtel sim isn’t getting messages, unable to send SMS using airtel’s prepay as well as airtel SMS is not working after sim upgrade. Don’t be concerned about it, it could occur if any of the reasons occurs which is sounded.

The reason, if airtel SMS is not working

Below Reason may happen to both Prepaid and Postpaid customers from Airtel:

Reason 1.

  • If airtel SMS does not work after sim swap. This means that you have the same network, same number, but a different SIM. This means that you won’t send or receive SMS in your account as part of your security with Airtel.
  • In the meantime, up to the next 48 hours, you’ll not be able to send or send any SMS , if you have a new SIM.


  • You can contact Airtel Customer Care and discover when you’ll have the option of beginning sending and receiving SMS messages using your mobile device.
  • In simple Words, If you have an alternative 4G SIM for your Airtel flexible number, you will not be able to gain and send any text messages within 48 hours.
  • You’ll be not capable of sending SMS using airtel pre-paid and postpaid.

Reason 2.

  • Airtel will stop the sending of SMS messages to your mobile phone if you didn’t send an messages or SMS on your mobile during the time you received it until the end of the six month.


  • You can ask them to enable SMS Services and then restart your phone so that it can start sending SMS. You can do this by calling Airtel Customer Care.

Reason 3.

  • The Airtel Mobile Number could be incorrect, use the is the correct SMS Center Number for Airtel in your local area.

The reason 4 is:

  • The timer on your phone’s clock could be incorrect.


  • Make sure you check your mobile Phone device’s Date and time The other option is to use your SIM to a different mobile. If this works, it is the fault of the mobile phone.

Why I’m Unable to get any SMS from Airtel,

  1. It is impossible to receive any SMS If your message Memory has been emptied.
  2. If you’re a recently upgraded user on this network won’t receive any messages or SMS from your mobile phone.
  3. You may be able to activate the Do not Disturb (DND) Service on your AirtelNumber through which you won’t be able to receive any text message or SMS.

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