Andhra Bank Balance Enquiry, Missed Call to 09223011300

By | October 8, 2021

Andhra Bank was founded on 20th November 1923 by Bhogaraju Pattabhi Sitaramayya. The headquarter of Andhra Bank is in Hyderabad; Andhra Bank is a public-sector bank. To make Andhra Bank Balance Enquiry more relaxed, The bank permits customers to look up the balance in various ways.

With a missed phone message on 9223011300 from the mobile number that you have registered, You can request an A/C Balance for a total of three accounts if you already have Andhra savings account at a bank.

Let’s discuss Andhra Bank Balance Enquiry No. and several ways that you can verify your Andhra Bank balance.

Missed Call Bank

Call missed at: 09223011300. To verify your Andhra Bank Account Balance Follow the following steps:

  • Make a missed phone call to 09223011300 using your registered mobile number.
  • The call will disconnect automatically after a few ringings.
  • Following this, you will receive an SMS message from the banking institution ( Current Account or Savings Account, Cash Credit, and Overdraft)

Andhra Bank Customer Care No. 1800-425-1515 (toll-free number)

Andhra Bank Debit Card Customer Care Number 18004252910

If your ATM/Debit card has been blocked , then you will need make an attempt to contact them using your registered mobile number. As given below:

CARD BLOCK XXXXXXX to 56161 (here XXXX refers to the 4 digits after the account number)

How do I Know Andhra bank balance in different ways?

Mobile Banking – Andhra Bank offers Mobile Banking applications to its customers, that’s Andhra bank e-passbook, and AB Tej. Customers can access their Andhra balance in their account using mobile banking.

Andhra Bank Toll-Free no. Account-holders can use this number for inquiries at 1800 425 1515 (this is a toll-free phone number)

Internet Banking customers who signed up for online banking can sign into their account using their username and password, and then see their balance in their account.

  • To view your account in a short time, look up accounts > inquire > account summary > actions, and the next step is to click Quick View to review the balance of your account.
  • For a complete explanation of the record To get a full explanation of your record, navigate into Accounts > inquire > account summary > actions, and the Account Statement that snaps-on.

Passbook The other hand, Andhra Bank gives a passbook for every customer. To verify Andhra Bank Account Balance customer is able to update their passbook simply by going to the bank.

Andhra Bank ATM- Customers are also able to go the ATM to see their balance. Follow these steps for ATM Banking

  1. Find the closest ATM.
  2. Use your ATM card, then enter the 4-digit PIN code.
  3. Choose the option “balance inquiry.”
  4. Following that your balance will show in your ATM Screen.

AB Tej: Andhra Bank clients can download the AB Tej – Andhra Bank Mobile Banking application for their Android and can take advantage of administrations in banking like Andhra Bank Balance enquiry, small-scale articulation and subsidy moves, and many other.

Andhra Bank Toll-Free Number-

Credit Card 1-800-425-1515

phone banking 1-800-425-1515

Donation Related topics: 1800 425 7701

Andhra Bank Head Office Address

Below is the location for Andhra Bank Head Office.

5-9-11, Dr. Pattabhi Bhavan,

Hyderabad 500 004. Telangana

Number 030-23252000

Andhra Bank Customer Care Contacts Information

Customers can contact Bank’s Customer Service Department in the following numbers from 10.00 a.m until 5.00 p.m and on every day of the week.

  • Fax 23232419
  • Extended: 2422, 2577
  • Contact: 040 23234313, 23252000
  • toll-free number: 1800 425 1515
  • Mail ID:

Andhra Bank MiniI Statement by missed call

Have you ever wondered how you can get your own Andhra bank accounts mini-statement through an unanswered phone call? Here’s how to do it.

Andhra Bank has launched another innovative IT-enabled service called ‘AB E-Passbook, allowing customers to access your Passbook through their Android devices. The ‘AB passbook service is superior to the traditional Passbook.

AB E-Passbook Application from Andhra Bank

Follow the given steps to the AB e-Passbook application of Andhra Bank

  1. Install the ab-e Passbook application on your Android device.
  2. After installation, enter the mobile number that you have enrolled to receive SMS alerts.
  3. The amount entered as input will be sent an OTP.
  4. In this case, OTP generates a PIN and you can begin using the program.
  5. This program can be used to keep track of the Passbook of multiple accounts and balance inquiries.
  6. The service will be available to anyone who has registered their mobile numbers in the Bank to receive SMS alerts.


How can I find the toll-free number to Andhra Bank Balance Enquiry?

Customers can dial 1-800-425-1515 to verify your Andhra Bank Account Balance instantly.

Which is the hour for? Andhra Bank Toll-free number?

Between 10.00 a.m from 5.00 p.m during every day of the week Customers can call Andhra Bank Balance Enquiry Toll-free number.

How do I sign up to be a part of this service? Andhra Bank Missed Call service?

You can make use of to check the Andhra Bank Account Balance check facility for missed Call to record your cell phone number for SMS alerts.

How do I check my bank balances within Andhra bank without having a cell phone?

It is impossible to check your balance at Andhra Bank without a mobile number. For every instance of a balance check, you will require the mobile number that you have registered. If you have lost your phone number or the registration number isn’t working, you must go to the closest Andhra Bank office and ask the bank to change your phone number and register a new mobile number.

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