18002882020: AT&T Сustomer Service

By | November 19, 2021

If you’re looking to find the AT&T customer service number, then you’re at the right spot. In this article, we will discuss the AT&T Customer’s phone number 1 800 2882020. It is easy to connect with the live person at AT&T via these numbers, as listed in this article.

Are you aware of an American multinational conglomerate holding company in Downtown Dallas, Texas, located at Whitacre Tower? It’s the most recognizable Telecommunications company, the largest provider of mobile phone solutions, and the largest provider of fixed phone service providers in the USA through AT&T Communications. As of June 14, 2018, AT&T Communications is also the parent company of the media conglomerate WarnerMedia that making it the world’s most extensive entertainment and media company in terms of revenues. Since 2018, AT&T has been ranked as number 9 in the Fortune 500 ranks of the largest United States businesses by overall income.

How do I call an actual person at AT&T?

This is the number at whom you can get in touch to inquire about Uverse Support, AT&T Internet service, AT&T landline tech support and so on. The steps are as follows:

  1. First, dial: 1 800 288 2020.
  2. Keep the line open for several minutes.
  3. Once you have done that, you’ll immediately join the live representative from AT&T to resolve your issues.

AT&T Fax Email

If you’d like to communicate with them via Email, then only visit Email.

AT&T Representative Hours

Customer Service for AT&T is available 24 hours a day to its customers.

AT&T Customer Service Number

Here is a list of AT&T Customer Service Telephone numbers. These numbers will help you greatly in connecting with AT&T.

800-288-2050: AT&T Internet

800-2747 AT&T Customer Service

800-331-0500 AT&T Wireless Business Customer Service

800 288-2025 Uverse Support

1-800-288-1145 AT&T and Directv

1-866-722-7500 AT&T and Dish

1-800-559-0050: AT&T Espanol

1-888-341-2355 TTY

1-800-351-7221 Shareholders

1800 2882020 Pre-Paid Card

1-800-288-2020 The number is for military use.

1-877-253-0009 AT&T Small Business

1-800-225-5288 The number is 1-800-225-5288.

210-821-4105 Corporate Number

Corporate Fax: 1-302-655-5049.

1 800 2882020: AT&T landline tech Support number

Address Information

AT&T Inc. is located in Dallas, Texas. For payment addresses for Bills or other lessons, look up your statement.

AT&T Inc.

208 South Akard Street

Dallas, Texas 75202 USA

AT&TSocial Link

You can also keep on top of these social media links.

  1. The Twitter page. Follow them on their page on Facebook. page.
  2. Also, be sure to follow them on their YouTube channel.
  3. For more details For more information, go to the AT&T forum.

For more information, visit www.att.com/uversesupport.

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