BSNL Number Check by USSD Codes

By | October 7, 2021

Hello Readers! Today we will discuss BSNL Number check How we can verify BSNL Number using ussd codes and other methods. If you’re a user of BSNL and are looking to prove the bona number, you’re in the right spot. This article will discuss how to verify your bank number. If you have any questions such as how to prove the bona codeor what is the best way to determine the bsnl code,you have so find the answer to your question in this article.

BSNL is a state-owned telecom provider and broadband community of India. Each provider of the network has a unique code that allows you to examine the mobile sim number. With the assistance of these codes, you can evaluate the services and useful information quickly.

How to Check BSNL Number

The majority of users use this method of missed calls to get their mobile phone number. If there isn’t any balance in our accounts, and we forget our account balance or credit card number, we can use these codes to know the sim number.

You should be aware of your BSNL mobile number to take advantage of a variety of reasons. It is possible to find your BSNL cell phone information by using USSD codes, BSNL customer service and BSNL Program to perform BSNL amount verification. These methods are a good way to find your BSNL telephone number.

BSNL Mobile Number Check

To verify your BSNL mobile number, utilize these codes.

*222# OR *888# OR *1# OR *785# OR *555#

You can also look over this list of codes.

BSNL USSD Code to Check Balance

USSD Detail Short Code

  • Bsnl Main Menu Check Code: *124#
  • Net Balance Check Code: *124#
  • Credit Talktime Loan Code: *518#
  • Balance and Validity Check Code: *123#
  • Bsnl VAS Pack Activation USSD Code: *543#
  • Customer Care Number: 1503 | 1800-180-1503
  • Bsnl USSD Code to Check Last Call Details: *124*3#
  • Balance Transfer USSD Code: *567*99# | *543*99#
  • USSD Code to be aware of STV. *124#, then go to 7
  • Bsnl Main Talktime Balance & Validity Check Code: *124*1#
  • Deactivate BSNL VAS Services: Send SMS “STOP” to 155223
  • Bsnl USSD Code to Check Current Tariff Plan Detail: *124*4#
  • Bsnl Caller Tune Number & USSD Code: *567# | IVR No – 56700
  • USSD Code to Recharge using an 18-digit coupon card *124*2#
  • Bsnl USSD code to check Details about FNF: *124# and continue to 6
  • Bsnl Own Mobile Number Check Code: *222# | *888# | *1# | *555# | *785#

How to find your own BSNL number using codes

1. Call *222Number on your BSNL phone.

Step 2. You’ll immediately receive an SMS with the registered amount.

Examine BSNL number: It’s simple to get to get a BSNL phone number to test your mobile! Learn how to identify BSNL number along with the BSNL application below.

The Method to Find BSNL Number with the BSNL App

  1. Download the BSNL application from the Google Play Store or iTunes
  2. Launch the program, and then log in to your account.
  3. On the homepage screen for this application, you will view your BSNL mobile number.

Once you know how to locate the BSNL phone number, be sure to check out the most recent information BSNL offers to charge the BSNL number. We wish we could help you learn the procedure to test BSNL personal mobile phone numbers.

For more information visit the website. Here


What do I need to know about the number of my BSNL number?

How do I Check BSNL Plan Details using My BSNL App

  1. Open My BSNL App.
  2. Click Prepaid Info.
  3. Simply click on your required Prepaid number if it is displayed. You can also add your mobile number by clicking” + button.
  4. Enter OTP sent to you.
  5. Click on the number you’d like to use.

What’s the BSNL USSD code?

The most straightforward method is to utilize the USSD code supplied to the service. Start the calling app on your phone, then dial *123#. You may also dial the alternative USSD code *124*1#. You will immediately get a message which will provide you with the BSNL account balance information.

How do I verify my Ussd offer on BSNL?

To learn the best way to look up BSNL offers look up these UsSD Codes *124*5#1

What can I do to check my phone number?

On Android the most commonly used way to locate your address can be found in the Settings menu > About device/phone > Status/phone ID > Network. It is slightly different on Apple devices which follow the same path: Settings > My Number > Phone.

How do I verify my current BSNL plan?

Customers can dial the below-mentioned USSD codes to find out the BSNL active prepay plan.

  • *102#
  • *124*8#
  • *124*5#

How can I obtain BSNL the volte?

BSNL Mobile customers can activate the VoLTE services on their 4G-enabled smartphones by sending the word “ACT VOLTE 53733′. After that, the services will be activated within 24 hours. You can also enable the services by examining the APN settings.

How do I find free minutes on BSNL?

Contact *123# from your BSNL number to get the principal balance on your account. The USSD code converts to into a text message which will reveal the BSNL account balance information. It is also possible to call *112#. This will offer choices from 1 to 6 to verify the balance of internet data and SMS balances, and many more.

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