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By | November 3, 2021

In this article, we will discuss how to call Golden 1 Credit Union Customer Service? This page will provide all possible ways to speak with a live person via phone. We’ll provide you with a Golden 1 contact number and email address, a live chat feature postal address, etc. You must remain focused on this article and seek the answers you need.

There are two main reasons people typically contact Golden 1 Credit Union:

  1. Product/ Service: 33%
  2. Other: 67%

Call Golden 1 Credit Union

If you own a Golden one bank account credit, loan, or charge card, you may be required to call the Golden 1 customer service number at some date. The company offers a broad range of financial services for its clients. Cash is a significant business, and Golden 1 must have a strong customer service department to assist its members whenever problems occur. You don’t want to work with a credit union that cannot provide security.

The good news is that Golden 1 has lots of options in terms of customer service. We’ll go over an extensive, thorough analysis of the many customer service contact points that you can choose from within Golden 1!

Golden 1 Contact Number

As with all businesses and any other business, the best method to reach them is to call Golden 1 Credit Union anytime during their customer service hours. It is possible to speak with Golden 1 on present loans and loans from the past, open savings accounts, be available for card issues, technological issues programs, and more. Sometimes speaking to an actual person is the only way to get the assistance you need. Here’s the most efficient method of getting in touch with the customer support representatives that you require.

Golden One Customer Service Number


Representative Hours

From Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 7:00 pm; and on Saturdays, from 9:00 am until the time of 5:00 pm.

How do I contact Golden 1 Credit Union?

Follow these steps to receive Live Golden 1 customer service via phone.

  1. The first step is to dial 1 877 4653361
  2. Don’t say or press anything.
  3. Keep the line open
  4. Following that, you’ll immediately be connected to the live person via phone.

Golden 1 Email

If you’re someone who prefers getting assistance via an email message, you can ask questions and inquiries using the contact form Golden 1 contact type. While there’s no direct mail option to contact Golden 1, the contact type lets you ask questions and receive an email response. Visit: and input your details.

You can use this contact form to report complaints, get help or clarification on stipulations, ask about registration, or get more information about nearly all Golden 1 Credit Union services. The firm aims for an immediate turnaround of one business day time for their contact form.

Golden 1 Mailing Address

  • Golden 1 Credit Union
  • P.O. Box 15966
  • Sacramento, CA 95852-0966

Golden 1 Customer Website

It’s sometimes helpful to avoid calling the customer support number when you require help with a particular issue. Golden 1 has set up an online customer service site to help you comprehend the most common problems and concerns. The majority of their responses to frequently asked questions are in their FAQ section. The topic covers contacting Golden 1, payment consent forms, community packages, credit card types, Direct debit forms routing numbers, finding account numbers, and much more.

To find that the FAQ webpage, visit This is your first option if you are having problems utilizing the operation of your Golden 1 account, loan or credit card.

Golden 1 Social Media Links

Here are social media channels through which you will be in contact with Ground 1 news.

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