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By | November 1, 2021

Are you in search of a Chase Routing Number? You’re at the right spot. Here you can find the routing numbers for Chase. You’ll need access to your bank’s routing numbers since you’ll need to use it to make an automatic payment or deposit for payroll, as in transferring wired funds. If you’re already an existing Chase customer or are planning to transfer funds to an account linked to your Chase account, refer to the following table for a complete list of Chase routing codes:

What Is a Routing Number?

A routing number also called the term American Bankers Association or ABA number, comprises nine digits that inform financial institutions about the locations where transactions must be processed. For example, if you cash a check in an ATM, The routing number can help the bank identify where the bill came from.

The majority of banks have just one route number. However, because Chase Bank is so big and has 24 routing numbers across the U.S. If you’re a current Chase customer the routing number you be given will depend on where the first time you created your account.

Chase Bank Routing Numbers by State

State Chase Routing/Transit Number

  • Arizona: 122100024
  • California: 322271627
  • Colorado: 102001017
  • Connecticut: 021100361
  • Florida: 267084131
  • Georgia: 061092387
  • Idaho: 123271978
  • Illinois: 071000013
  • Indiana: 074000010
  • Kentucky: 083000137
  • Louisiana: 065400137
  • Michigan: 072000326
  • Nevada: 322271627
  • New Jersey: 021202337
  • Downstate: 021000021
  • New York — Upstate: 022300173
  • Ohio: 044000037
  • Oklahoma: 103000648
  • Oregon: 325070760
  • Texas: 111000614
  • Utah: 124001545
  • Washington: 325070760
  • West Virginia: 051900366
  • Wisconsin: 075000019

Understanding Your Chase Routing Number

The numbers in the sequence correspond to your bank account numbers. Four of them are Federal Reserve Bank identifiers. The numbers are assigned precisely the same way as your bank account’s number. The final digit of the routing number is”check” or the “check” digit calculated using an algorithm. This is a confirmation of the legitimacy of the routing number at the bank.

How To Find Your Chase Routing Number

There are many ways to locate your Chase routing codes. If you’re able to remember the state when you first started your Chase account, you could use the chart.

If you have a Chase bank account that has the balance from a check, it will show your routing number on the bill — the routing number that appears on the statement is located in the first nine numbers in the lower-left corner. There is a chance that you do not have a receipt, and you’re able to call Chase any time at 1-800-935-935 to determine your account’s routing numbers. If you’re uncertain about the correct number and you’re not sure, get in touch with Chase, as using the valid number could result in the funds being put into the incorrect account.

What Is the Routing Number for International Wire Transfers?

To make an international wire transfer, you’ll need the SWIFT code, not that routing code. This SWIFT code is an international bank number that permits the financial institution to be recognized globally. It is necessary to give an individual who wants to transfer money from outside the country. It is possible to ask your bank to share funds to find out the rules directly or locate the code on the internet.

In addition to the SWIFT number, it is mandatory to provide specific details to your bank when you’re approached by someone looking to transfer funds from another country. This includes your account number shown in the image below and your full name, which is shown in your bank account.

Imagine you’re making a payment of money overseas to someone else. The recipient needs to be aware of their bank’s routing numbers for them to access the money. If you’re receiving or sending a wire in the United States for a transfer and you’ll need a specific number for that too.

Here are the Chase Bank Wire transfer number:

Chase Bank Wiring Numbers

  • Domestic Wire Transfer 021000021
  • International Wire Transfer 021000021

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