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By | November 2, 2021

Hey, friends! If you are a customer of the Central Bank of India and trying to find the CIF number for the central bank in India. This article will provide you with information about the CIF number and how to locate the CIF number of the central Bank of India.

What is CIF Number?

CIF is a short form in the form of a Client Information Document. It’s a significant number. CIF holds account holders all details. It’s an almost automatic file maintained by a bank to save information about the account owner. CIF is comprised of 11 digits in the Central Bank of India. It is unique for each client. Every client’s account is linked to the same CIF amount provided for the history of the user.

How to Find CIF Number in Central Bank of India?

There are a variety of methods to determine CIF Numbers:

  1. CIF Amount is published in the passbook.CIF Amount is composed in the passbook. You can also get your CIF amount as a chequebook.
  2. Check with your branch in your home to find your CIF number.
  3. Telephone Central Bank of India customer service to get the CIF number. You can answer a safety question for the CIF number.
  4. You can also look up your CIF value on the online bank account.CIF amount is on your online bank accounts
  5. If you are awarded the FD certificate or receipt when you get an FD certificate or reception, the CIF amount is mentioned towards the highest point of your title.

How to Register for Internet Banking in the Central Bank of India?

Follow the steps in the next section.

  1. The first thing to do is visit this official site of the Central Bank of Indian website.
  2. A website will become open.
  3. Notice: You can’t sign up for online banking with the Central Bank of India online. You must visit the house branch to register for this. Contact the department in your house for these facilities.
  4. To perform the tasks listed below, You need to go to the Home Division:

The house branch can be contacted to access the next facilities:

  • Availing Internet Banking centre
  • Unable to log in
  • User ID Disabled
  • Your account will never be visible
  • You can connect multiple accounts to your User ID
  • User ID Creation /Enabled / Disabled
  • Cease Internet Banking Facility
  • Grid issuing and any other issues related to grid
  • Any concerns regarding net banking

Check Central Bank Of India Account Balance

By Missed Call

If you wish to know the balance of your account via missed call, your telephone number must be registered in the bank account.

The next step is to dial 9555244442

Soon you’ll receive an SMS from the bank, in which you will see your balance.

ATM Machine

Go to any ATM Machine in the vicinity. ATM Machine

You can add your ATM Card to the machine

Then, enter your 4 Digit ATM PIN

Then pick the “Balance Enquiry” option from the list.

You can check your balance on your account. The following display

You may also obtain an equilibrium print.

Online Banking/ Internet Banking

You can always check the balance to see if your account is allowed to use internet banking.

Log in to your online bank account.

Then, on the screen, you will be able to see the balance available.

How do I get the CIF Number of SBI?

There are four ways through which you can obtain a number of the sbi

  1. It may appear on the first page of the chequebook.
  2. You may visit your bank’s branch and request the CIF by giving your account’s number.
  3. For those with a performance at SBI, the amount could or may not appear in the passbook for this lending institution.
  4. It is possible to call for toll-free numbers at SBI 1800112211 or 18004253800 or 080-26599990. Give the essential information, including an account number, to prove your identity. You’ll be connected to the bank. Ask the bank’s executive for you a CIF number.

Customer Care Central Bank of India

To inquire about any issue, call the customer service department from the Central Bank of India:

1800 22 1911

The number is toll-free and is available 24 hours a day.

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