Cricket Store Phone Number, Bill Pay & Other Services

By | November 5, 2021

If you’re searching for Cricket Wireless Customer Service and need a Cricket Store Telephone Number, Don’t fret. In this article, you will get all the details about Cricket Wireless. There are all options for how you can obtain a Wireless cricket service via the phone.

Cricket Wireless is a mobile phone service for those who are looking for flexibility and excellent customer service. They provide innovative customer support options such as live chat, telephone support, and email and social sites. Through these avenues, they will help you quickly settle the cost of your bill, alter your account or policy or address your concerns, and answer any concerns you may be able to ask. The company is a communication one, meaning they are aware of the need for speedy and efficient assistance from a natural person who understands the issues you might encounter.

Cricket Store Phone Number

One of the most efficient ways to make sure that you’re connected with live brokers dialling. The Cricket phone lines are accessible every week and offer fast and reliable support throughout their customer service hours. They give you a phone number that gives you all the customer service that they offer. This number is available on any mobile or home phone.


How do I contact Cricket Wireless Customer Support?

Follow the steps to get human Cricket to answer the phone.

  1. First, call the Cricket store telephone the number 800-274-2538At the first voice menu, press pound.
  2. On another menu, hit 0.
  3. Take a moment to wait
  4. Then, you’ll instantly connect to a live agent on the phone.

Here are the most critical voice menus that can help you select the exemplary service

  • Pay the bill, then click 1
  • For all other services, you require, press for pound

Second Sub-menu

  • To find out the operating hours to find hours of operation, press 1
  • To verify your order, you must click 2
  • For the menu before this to return to the previous menu, press 7.
  • To obtain Human Cricket to play, press the number 0

Cricket Pay Bill by Phone

The number for Cricket to pay the bill can be found at 1 800 698 358

  1. To begin, Dial 1-800-698-0358
  2. English Press 1
  3. Spanish press 2
  4. Once you have entered your Cricket phone number and the area code.

Cricket Hours

Live Customer Service is available from Monday through Saturday from 7 pm to Midnight and from 10 am until 10 pm on Sunday. The best time to contact Cricket Customer Service is 8:15 in the morning.

Cricket Wireless Social Link

These are some social media websites via which you can receive information from Cricket Wireless.

Cricket Wireless Mailing Address

Cricket Wireless LLC

575 Morosgo Dr NE

Atlanta, GA 30324

Cricket Wireless Email Support

Email support is not offered by Cricket Customer Service. You can reach them at their Cricket Store Phone Number given above, or you can also use a live chat.

Cricket Live Chat

Cricket Wireless provides the live chat feature. This is the best option to access online assistance within a matter of seconds. Through live chat, you’ll have access to a live representative. You can also manage your account as well as avail of other services. For this, you have to visit and click on the ‘CLICK TO CHAT’ button.

Cricket Blog

Cricket also offers a blog where users can seek help without any live assistance. You can quickly solve the issue. Only you have to visit There you can find solutions to all your problems and receive information from Cricket Wireless.

Cricket Support Site

It is also possible to visit the Cricket Support website. You will find additional information about your problems. With this website, you will receive your answers quicker than with other methods. Only you have to visit

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