Fox News: ‘I don’t think we should ever be complacent’ about climate change

Jun 15, 2021 Policies

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has weighed in on the topic of climate change, saying that the United States has the world’s largest fossil fuel reserves and should be doing everything it can to combat climate change.

Speaking at the National Press Club on Tuesday, O’Brien said the country is the largest producer of fossil fuels, and that the world is “not even close to having the resources to go after climate change.”

He also said the United Kingdom is not doing enough to fight climate change in order to avoid the worst effects.

“I don, frankly, think we can ever be too complacent about the threat that we face,” O’Connor said.

“We’re the biggest consumer of fossil fuel in the world.”

O’Reilly added that the American economy, and particularly fossil fuel production, has not changed much since the 1980s.

“In fact, over the last decade, there’s been a tremendous boom in natural gas production,” O.

Reilly said.

“And the American business model has evolved to the point where now you have the same thing happening in China and India and other places.”

So the reality is we have the largest reserves of fossil-fuel resources on the planet and the most people are producing them, and they’re producing at a rapid pace.

“If you look at all the coal that is going into the U.S., and all the gas that is coming out of China, and all of the oil that is being produced, it’s not going to change much.”


Reilly added he thinks the United State should focus on fighting climate change while continuing to produce fossil fuels.

“We’ve got the resources and we’re the largest consumers of fossil, natural gas, oil, and coal, and we can still do a lot to reduce the impact of climate disruption,” he said.

O’Connor did say that she thinks the U

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