Hampton Bay Customer Service Phone Number

By | November 3, 2021

Hampton Bay Customer Service. Hampton Bay is a home decor maker that focuses on outdoor furniture, lighting, and ceiling lights. With the high demand for Hampton Bay goods, it is not a surprise that the company receives many customers’ requests for service daily. In this blog, we will look at Hampton Bay Customer Service.

If you’re using Hampton Bay furniture or fittings, The Hampton Bay customer support number is precisely what you require if have any issues. Hampton Bay has outstanding customer support personnel. This generally means that you have access to an experienced and well-funded support team should you encounter any urgent problems.

If you need assistance with a guarantee or existing arrangement, you are aware that you can count on the Hampton Bay and Home Depot customer support staff to help you! We’ll be able to provide all the support options that are available to you. Here you can discover Hampton Bay contact informationHampton Bay Customer Service Number, Email Address, Live Chat, etc.

Here are some typical reasons people typically refer to them:
  • For questioning about products
  • Need help with making warranty claims?
  • To receive assistance in the installation, use, or repairing of equipment
  • For reporting defects
Check these things before you call them:
  1. Phone during customer service hours.
  2. Hampton Bay will require you to know if you have your merchandise number in case you need it when you make a call.
  3. You’ll be able to find the number of the item on your receipt.
  4. If you have additional documents relevant to your concern, such as the initial letters between your company as well as Hampton Bay, have this available as well.
  5. Make a plan to take notes on your phone.

Hampton Bay Phone Number

Hampton Bay Contact Number. You can get a live representative via phone.


Representative Hours of Hampton Bay

Hampton Bay Customer ServiceCustomer Service Number, is available Monday to Friday between 8 am and midnight. On Saturdays, 9 am until 6 pm (The current waiting time is 8 minutes,2m avg). We recommend calling at 2:30 after 2:30. This is the most convenient moment to reach them.

How to Call a Live Person in Hampton Bay Customer Service?

This is the most convenient method to reach them. You must be aware of the above details and follow the instructions.

  1. The first step is to dial 855-434-2678 (available between Monday and Friday, from 8 am to 7 midnight. On Saturday, from 9 am until six at night)
  2. Stay on the line.
  3. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be connected with a live representative from Hampton Bay.

Hampton Bay Email Support

Hampton Bay is also able to support the email option for customers. Contact them via email or phone too. If you’d like to contact them directly, go to. Customer_Care@homedepot.com. You can contact us via email with your inquiries and concerns about Hampton Bay Support or products.

Live Chat Support

Hampton Bay does not support live chat. If you wish to reach them via the internet, you can write an email or call their number.

Hampton Bay Malling Address

Mail can be sent to the address below:

2455 Paces Ferry Rd. NW

Atlanta, GA 30339

The United States of America

Hampton Bay Social Links

You can also be connected with Hampton Bay on Social media platforms. Here are links to social media through which you can receive information directly from Hampton Bay.

  1. Get Hampton’s attention on the LinkedIn page.
  2. Follow them on their Page on Facebook.
  3. They can be followed on their Twitter page.
  4. You can join them via GooglePlus.

Hampton Bay Help

Please go to this site if you’re looking for more information or assistance with products or services. Hampton Bay Website


Is Hampton Bay a Home Depot brand?

Home Depot owns Hampton Bay. Hampton Bay is the brand house of outdoor furnishings, ceiling fans as well as lighting equipment. It has been in existence since 1986. It is focused on low-cost options that are available in a variety of popular designs.

Why did my ceiling fan suddenly stop working?

It may happen that the ceiling fan you have is not receiving enough power. This could mean because the circuit breaker has been switched on or off. The ceiling fan might not be working because of internal problems like shots, ball bearings, and an over-heated motor.

Why is my Hampton Bay remote not working?

The remote can be reset and then synchronized to the ceiling fan is a solution to many issues. This is referred to as the Remote Reset. What is the procedure for this? First, switch off the power and then turn it on. When you turn the fan on, the fan will switch off in about 30 seconds.

Is Hampton Bay still in business?

Hampton Bay Lighting and Fans is an entirely-owned affiliate from The Home Depot. The company makes and sells a selection of lighting fixtures and ceiling fans available on the web and in Home Depot stores throughout the United States and Canada.

How do I pair my Hampton Bay remote?

Switch the remote towards the back and then push down the button. Slide the cover away, and then put a 9-volt battery into the compartment. Set every slide code-switch in front of the battery at a position you prefer. There are 16 possible combinations of switches to choose from.

Where is the model number on the Hampton Bay ceiling fan?

Hampton Bay ceiling fans are identified by their model number on a label (usually silver) over the housing of their motor. It could be challenging to see the title on the housing of your motor if you don’t have a guide or packaging.

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