How a farmer was ‘brought to tears’ by the news of her husband’s death in hospital with a stroke

Sep 23, 2021 Advertising

A woman who lost her husband in a stroke has revealed the pain he felt while living in a hospital.

Frances Murphy, from Derry, was treated at Queen’s University Hospital in Cork on December 12th, 2015 for a stroke that caused her husband, John Murphy, to have a stroke.

Mr Murphy died in the hospital.

“He was my rock and I’ve loved him since he was born,” said Ms Murphy.

“I’ve cried every day since he passed away.

I can’t believe how much pain he must have felt.”

Ms Murphy told the Irish Times newspaper that Mr Murphy was “the most amazing man I’ve ever known”.

She also said her husband was a “very caring” man who “loved his family, his friends and his country”.

She said that his death was “one of the hardest moments in my life” and said it was “a terrible day for all of us”.

“It’s just so devastating to see the pain that my husband must have suffered.

I am very lucky to have him.

He was such a loving, caring, hard-working man.

He made a lot of mistakes but I think it was his family and friends who made the most of them,” Ms Murphy said.

“They loved him, they loved their friends, they respected him and they loved Ireland and their country.”

A spokesman for the Department of Health said the Department had “received a number of reports of a person who has been taken to hospital with stroke-like symptoms”.

“This is an extremely rare and extremely rare event and we are working closely with our colleagues in Cork to investigate the reports,” he said.

Ms Murphy said that she had no doubt that she would be able to “make the right decisions” for her family.

“It feels like this is a miracle that he’s not dead, but he could have been,” she said.

The spokesman added that the Department was in contact with Ms Murphy’s family and “are in contact” with the Derry Ambulance Service.

The spokesman said that the family had “a range of options” but added that he did not know if the woman’s son was also suffering from stroke-related complications.

Mr Murphy’s death has caused “tears of sadness” to flow across the nation.

“This is a sad day for us all.

It is so tragic and I am just grateful that he was taken to a hospital, which he loved so much,” Ms Murrays father said.

Ms Murphy, who was an apprentice in the city, said she was determined to fight for her son’s legacy.

“When I saw his pictures on the wall, I was like ‘what a wonderful thing he did for Ireland’,” she said, adding that she was looking forward to receiving a commemorative plaque on the steps of her house.

She also said that while she did not have any plans to visit the family in Cork, she was considering moving back to the city.

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