How Duke’s regional news platform is changing its focus

Oct 1, 2021 Advertising

Next Big News, the company that is bringing Duke’s national news coverage to the world, is looking to diversify its business model.

In a blog post this week, Next Big Vision CEO Scott Johnson outlined the company’s plans for the future of the news platform.

The company will focus on a mix of traditional journalism and digital news.

The blog post states that the focus is on building a new news platform, which is the future.

Johnson wrote that the company is currently building a news app for mobile devices, but will be transitioning to a web version of the platform soon.

Johnson added that the next-generation Next Big Story will focus more on “delivering content that delivers value and relevance to consumers,” while maintaining a local focus.

Next Big Vision’s focus is to be a one-stop shop for news, entertainment and lifestyle, as well as content that is relevant to local communities.

The Next Big story will be powered by the same technology that powers the companys other local news services, including the Duke News, Duke Sports, Duke Basketball and Duke Basketball Radio.

Johnson noted that the Next Big vision will not be limited to Duke University.

Next Big Stories will be available for all Duke University students and employees, and it will also be available on mobile devices.

Johnson said the company will be rolling out new content on as soon as possible.

Johnson is currently working on a digital news app that is similar to DukeSports’ app, but it will not have the same content features.

The app will be built on the same technologies that powers Duke’s Duke Sports and Duke Athletics news platforms, but Johnson said he was looking to develop a content platform that has a more local feel.

Johnson explained that the app will include “content from local partners and local news organizations,” as well.

In addition to being able to provide local content, Next BN Vision will also have a news team focused on Duke’s sports programs.

Johnson is also looking to build a local sports website, as he explained that his company is also interested in expanding into the music and fashion markets.

Johnson’s vision for Next BigVision is to have a local news platform that is “as relevant to Duke as Duke is to the community,” Johnson wrote.

Johnson told Next Big Games last month that the first version of Next Big will launch in the coming months.

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