How the region’s economic recovery could impact your future

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The Regional Connector is an ambitious plan to connect the region to the rest of the country, with the aim of bringing new businesses, jobs and services to the region.

The Regional Connection has raised the prospect of more than $300 million in private investment.

The goal is to connect San Francisco to Oakland, San Diego to San Diego, and Santa Barbara to San Francisco by 2025.

The Regional Connectors plan was developed by the region, but the region has faced criticism for not including enough incentives to spur growth.

San Diego and San Francisco, the two largest metropolitan areas in California, have struggled to get funding from the federal government for their Connector projects.

The region’s Connectors have been controversial.

The Connector was proposed in 2008 by California Governor Jerry Brown and was backed by President Barack Obama and several Republican governors, including Jerry Brown.

The plan calls for $350 million in federal funds and the construction of a high-speed rail line from San Diego via the Central Valley to the Los Angeles metro area.

The project would bring hundreds of thousands of jobs and economic activity to the area, the project’s proponents said.

But critics said the project is not economically viable.

California’s state government has said the Connector would not generate enough economic activity and jobs to make it a viable investment.

It would be expensive to build and maintain a high speed rail line and would increase traffic congestion and pollution in the region as the train would pass through some of the nation’s most congested and polluted communities, according to a 2011 report by the California Public Policy Foundation.

Critics of the Connectors vision said the state would have to fund the project, a major barrier to getting more funding.

In 2011, the state of California, in a bid to stimulate economic growth in the state, approved $1.5 billion in federal transportation funding, with a $3.5 million match from the Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery.

In September, the California State Legislature approved $350.7 million in funding for the Connections project, with $250 million coming from the state’s transportation fund and $400 million coming directly from the Federal Transit Administration.

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