How to make a baby with a broken heart: How to save a life

Sep 20, 2021 Advertising

A baby born with a ruptured heart can be saved by giving CPR to resuscitate the foetus, the Argentinian surgeon who has carried out some of the world’s most important surgical procedures told AFP.

“I have done more surgeries than any other doctor,” Dr Rodrigo Pardo, the director of the Santiago Peron Clinic in the capital, Buenos Aires, told AFP, as he opened a new section of the surgical room.

“If I have a baby, I know that I will be here for a long time.

I’m a hero to the people of Argentina.”

In a country of 2.3 million, the number of premature deaths from congenital heart defects, known as Caesareans, has reached 1,400,000.

Dr Pardo and other surgeons have carried out more than 1,000 surgeries in an effort to save the lives of babies born with congenital defects, such as Dravet syndrome, the result of the birth defect that causes heart defects.

“When we talk about babies, we don’t talk about their birth, we talk only about their life,” he said.

“A baby can die because of a bad birth.”

A baby is carried on a stretcher to be taken away by a medical team at the Santiago Duro hospital in Buenos Aires on November 11, 2018, a week after the birth of a baby boy with a congenital defect, in Buenos Aries, Argentina.

(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta) In a video posted on YouTube, Dr Pano said he has had two successful babies with congenitally damaged hearts.

He told the AFP news agency that he had performed at least 30 operations in an attempt to save life of the baby born in November.

Dr Pedro Guillen, a specialist in cardiac surgery, said Dr Pado was one of the most important surgeons in the world.

“This surgeon is very special and deserves a lot of respect and admiration from the medical profession,” he told AFP news agencies.

“We have all seen him with the most difficult cases.

He was able to save lives of people with a very complicated life.”

The baby was born on November 10, 2018 at a hospital in Santiago Dura, where the father, a doctor, is working as an anaesthesiologist.

The father has been in hospital since December, having been in intensive care for three months, with a brain injury.

“The mother is not alive,” Dr Guillon told AFP at the time.

“Her heart stopped.

I don’t know what to do, but I am praying for her.”

In January, Dr Guilleron said the baby’s heart had been found to be “defective”.

The baby’s mother, who was still in intensive surgery, had been declared brain dead.

“It is not clear what happened,” he added.

“But we have all to be on guard against the possibility that it might happen again.”

The country is the only country in the Americas where caesarean sections have been performed for congenital birth defects, but it has had no reported cases of congenital cardiac defects in the last decade.

Dr Guillo said the parents’ family has not had any problems with the baby, though they have not been told what happened.

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