How to read the polls in your region

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Newsweek has created a handy map to help you get an idea of where the race is shaping up in the US.

The map is a little different than the polls we’ve seen so far, as the states listed are listed alphabetically by their primary election.

We’ve seen how Trump has gotten away with being a frontrunner in some of the states that have been trending strongly in his favor.

The map above has Trump up by a few points over former Arkansas Gov.

Mike Huckabee in Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

A lot of the map shows up as states with a high number of voters that may be leaning Trump.

For example, Pennsylvania is currently polling at 5 percent, a number that is up by more than 4 percent since Trump’s announcement.

But there are also some states that look pretty solid for Trump.

Florida and Texas have both been trending Republican in recent weeks, and both have shown up as safe blue states that may vote for him in November.

Another map we have up is for Pennsylvania, showing the candidates at a similar level.

The state has been trending for the Republican Party for years and has not moved in any significant way.

As the map above shows, Trump has an edge in Pennsylvania as well.

One more map from the article shows the candidates in all 50 states with at least 10 electoral votes.

In order for Trump to win, he would need to win Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida and Wisconsin, and they all hold their primaries on March 15.

And the map that is also at the top of this post shows that there are several states where a majority of the population favors Trump, but the number of people who say they don’t know who they support is small.

There are also several states that are trending Democratic, but still showing up as solid red states that could vote for Trump in November in the future.

For example, Trump is leading in Nevada, where he is leading among Republicans by almost 10 points, and he has a strong lead in Texas.

It is worth noting that the poll numbers are a little more volatile in states like Virginia, where there are more voters than voters in the polls.

It also makes it harder to figure out how many people have dropped out of the polls because they aren’t willing to say who they are supporting.

It could also mean that a state is trending Republican because of some other reason.

For instance, a survey of likely voters in Colorado has been tracking Trump for some time and Trump has been leading in the state for months.

More states are showing up for Trump than for Hillary Clinton, and the map below shows the results for each candidate.

The larger states like Iowa and Nevada are the most Republican leaning, but many other states show up as solidly Democratic.

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