How to win the next election in your own back yard, says one millennial who’s running for office in the US

Aug 5, 2021 Policies

The US election is a fascinating one, and it could have implications for every other country, says Michael Moore.

The film director, who’s been on a national TV show this year on CNN, has also been a prominent candidate for president in 2016, and he believes he has a chance to win, in part because of the fact that he’s been in the news and because of his personal story.

Moore, who is running in 2018, has been on national TV in the past year and has been featured on multiple cable news shows.

His campaign website features a photo of a man with a sign that reads: ‘This is who I am.

I want to be your president.’

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Moore said he was excited about his chances and believed he could win.

But he admitted that it wasn’t the only reason to get out and vote.

Moore said that it was more about being part of the community, about supporting a cause that matters to you and about a vision that you see.

It’s not about who is in the White House or who is not in the presidency, Moore told the Times.

But his campaign website offers a list of things he’d like to see the next president do, including help with the opioid crisis and help with infrastructure.

He says he has no plans to run for office and is focusing on being a citizen.

“I’m a millennial, I’m the millennial candidate for the next US president,” Moore told NPR’s Carrie Johnson.

“And I feel like I’m doing what’s right by millennials, which is being part and parcel of a very strong community.”

Moore said his main goal is to be a positive force in society, which he says is the only way we can win.

He said he wants to make sure that young people, especially the young people who are really active in politics, understand that there’s more to life than politics.

He wants them to realize that politics is a way to help make a better world.

“People say they’re being ‘just a little bit different’ and ‘just getting a little closer to their values,'” Moore said.

“But that’s not true.

They’re just getting away from what’s really important in their lives.”

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