Huntington Bank Customer Service Number

By | November 6, 2021

We will be discussing Huntington Bank. There is a Huntington Bank Customer Service number and other contact details such as live chat, email support option, and additional contact information like email support, live chat option. It is essential to pay attention to this article and call a live rep by phone.

If you need assistance using your credit card or other credit cards, you can get information about online banking or overdraft protection. If you’re looking for overdraft protection, the Huntington bank customer support contact number is available for you. The firm has been serving its customers for over 150 years, providing outstanding banking options that are up to date with your needs.

Huntington Bank Customer Service Number

Today banking is a tangled business where clients have to get commissions, establish personal credit lines and deal with security and fraud problems. The employees in this Huntington Bank customer care number will assist you with these matters and more at any time of the day. They understand that your financial worries aren’t an unimportant issue, but they can affect your present and entire future.

Huntington Bank Customer Support Number: 1-800-480-2265

How do I call Huntington Bank Customer line Number?

Follow these steps, and you will get live assistance via phone.

  1. The first step is to call the Huntington bank customer support number 1 800 480 2265
  2. Keep your eyes on the phone.
  3. Following that, you’ll be connected to a live person at Huntington Bank.

Huntington Bank Customer Service Hours

Customer Service of Huntington Bank is open from 7 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday.

Huntington Bank Social Media

They can be followed on their Social Media platform.

Mailing Address

  • Huntington Bancshares Incorporated
  • Huntington Center 41 South High Street
  • Columbus, OH 43287

Huntington Bank Live Chat

If you’re looking to get in touch with them through online channels, go to: There you can have all the contact information through which you can contact the information you need online.

Huntington Bank Email Support

Huntington Bank does not support the option to email. If you wish to communicate with them on the web, visit There you can find additional ways to contact them.

Huntington Bank

In 1866, a bank was established as a family-owned business under P.W. Huntington & Company’s name. The same gentleman’s name owned it. In the next 50 years, he’d build an institution of banking that stood through the ages, and by 1918, it was handed over to his sons for control. 1922, in 1922, the Federal Reserve System gave the lender trust authority. It has assisted clients with loans for homes and bill pay solutions, and retirement plans through its existence. It also helps with purchasing properties, one of the many possible banking transactions.

Huntington Bank has served its customers for more than 150 years and has done it with respect and dignity. Bill Pay choices, mobile banking, and Mobile Pay result from Huntington Bank’s ability to identify and respond to the ever-growing customer demands.

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