‘Not a big deal’: Punjabi women to boycott wedding of former PM’s daughter

Jul 24, 2021 Video

KERALA: Women will not be invited to the wedding of Prime Minister Prithviraj Chavan’s daughter on May 1 after they complained that it was “not a big issue”.

Chief Minister Eknath Khadse said the government has decided to avoid any further disruptions in the celebration.

“We have decided to ban all weddings in the country,” he said.

“There is no big issue about it, and we will not allow any such incident.”

According to a source, the chief minister said the wedding will be held in a private location to avoid “an inconvenience to the people”.

The wedding will take place at the village of Pannarama, in Pannara, near Bhiwandi, a city in Kannur district.

The source said the ceremony will be conducted on a Sunday.

The source said Chavan will hold the wedding at his home and invite all his supporters.

“If he can’t get all his friends together to celebrate, he will invite the people himself,” he added.

“The wedding is a privilege for the people.

We want to show respect to our Prime Minister’s daughter.”

Earlier this month, Khadssi had called for the cancellation of the wedding after a complaint was made by a woman who had complained about the “sexist” treatment of Chavan and other members of his family.

The women also complained that they had been excluded from the wedding and had not been given a space to meet with Chavan or his family members.

Chavan had been accused of raping a woman in a hotel room in 2012.

He has denied the allegation.

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