Pay JCPenney Credit Card by Phone

By | October 16, 2021

You can pay your JCPenney credit card over the telephone because JCPenney offers online services to its customers. This article will learn how to reach JCPenney live customer service for billing and other inquiries. We will provide you with the contact numbers of JCPenney Customer Service. Other options to get JCPenney to include live chat support, email option, mailing address, and more. Go through this article to contact a person to call you.

JCPenney is among the most well-known brands in department stores, surpassed only by Bloomingdale’s. In every corner of the globe, there are JCPenney’s locations, which all have an incredible selection of the best quality products and services. Portrait studios, Java optical centers salons, cosmetics brands like Sephora all consider JCPenney department stores home. They’ve always believed that their customers were at the center of their business, as well as the quality and accessibility of their customer support options confirm that they still do.

How do I make a call to for Pay JCPenney credit card by telephone

Follow the steps given:

  1. The first thing to dial is 1-800-322-1189.
  2. Keep the line open for just a few seconds
  3. Following that, you’ll instantly be connected to the live person via Your JCPenney credit card via phone.

Voice Menu

  • If you need assistance with your current or a new order, please to press 1
  • To earn JCPenney Rewards, you need to press 2
  • The main appliance such as furniture, mattresses, home services, or fitness. Then press 3
  • To access credit services such as making a payment, Press 4
  • Repeat these options press start.

Representatives Hours

Here are the Pay JCPenney credit card service hours. They are available to call anytime you require due to the Pay JCPenney credit card support available all hours of the day for its customers. You have the option of choosing any method to reach them. However, the most efficient method is calling.

JCPenny’s Phone Number

Sometimes, the old-fashioned ways are the most effective ways to go. In a world in which many companies are shifting away from mobiles for customer support, JCPenney is there to give you personal contact. There is a friendly, warm voice on the other side of the line, waiting to help you solve any issues you face. Not just are these services accessible as well, but they’ve also offered an array of phone numbers that will take you to the location you want to be, without the hassle of lengthy menus for telephones.

  • 1-800-322-1189: JCPenney Support # (This service is available all hours of the day for customers)
  • 1-888-JCP-RWDS (1-888-527-7937): For JCPenney Credit Cards Phone Number
  • 1-800-442-7902: For Furniture/Mattress Policy
  • 1-800-322-1189: For Electronics/Fitness Equipment Policy
  • 1-877-509-4636: For In-Home Custom Window Treatments
  • 1-844-888-5271: For JCPenney Home Services Contracts
  • 1-800-442-7902 To return furniture

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JCPenney provides an email service. Additionally, you can contact them via email with your questions.

Live Chat Support

The company offers the option of live chat for customers. By clicking on the “Chat Now” button. It is possible to start live chats with customer service at JCPenney customer support page.

Help Page

If you’re looking for more details on Pay JCPenney credit card by telephone, you can do the information at www.JCPenney/credit.

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