Port Vodafone Mobile Number into any Other Network

By | November 10, 2021

Hello Readers! In this post, we will look at how to Port your Vodafone mobile numbers to other networks if you are a customer of Vodafone. Still, your Vodafone network isn’t working well, and you wish to transfer to another network instead of Vodafone. Read this article and follow the steps given for Vodafone porting.

Port Vodafone number into another Network

In this way, you can transfer your mobile number to another phone without altering the phone. Every individual is connected to different networks and cellular operators.

With the assistance of MNP support, you could transfer our Vodafone mobile number to another community like Airtel, Aircel, Reliance, Jio, Bsnl, and yet another service in India. Make sure you’re using this amount of at least 90 days to transfer your Sim to another system.

Document Required

1. Porting Code

2. Photo of passport size

3. Address evidence or ID proof

How to Port Vodafone to Airtel-Bsnl-Jio-Telenor

Vodafone port request

Make the text message “PORT Mobile amount” and then continue to 1900 to request transfer from the existing Network.

Steps For Vodafone port

1. Go to your closest network operator shop (Airtel-Idea-Bsnl-Telenor-Jio-any alternative ).

2. Now, ask the customer service agent.

3. The service will complete all formalities and ask for the photo and record.

4. The shop operator will issue an additional sim card.

5. It takes four days to let your Sim into the brand new Network.

6. Your prior network sim has been shut down. You can now use this new SIM.

How to Port Vodafone to Idea

Send your text message ” PORTspaceMobile number” and then continue to 1900 to request the transfer of your existing Network.

Steps For Vodafone port

1. Visit your nearest store of the network operator Idea.

2. Then ask the customer service rep.

3. The service will finish all formalities and require the photograph and record.

4. The shop owner will give you a brand new sim card.

5. The process takes about four days to air your account.

6. The network sim you used previously will automatically stop using the current Sim.

Vodafone Customer Care Number

For more information, please give an email to:

9820098200 cost 50p for 3 minutes when calling from a Vodafone phone

You can also obtain more details on the official website here

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