0120-2303090, Punjab National Bank Balance Check

By | November 4, 2021

If you’re a client at Punjab National Bank, you can examine your PNB balance by calling 0120-2303090.this phone number can be reached toll-free. There is also the option of making missed call services, through which you can access your Balance details as well as mini statement information. The PNB bank is one of the largest in India, founded in 1894.

PNB Balance Enquiry

  1. Missed Call Banking: 0120-2303090, 1800 180 2223(toll-free)
  2. PNB Customer Care No: 1800 180 2222
  3. BAL SMS: BAL space 16 digits Account Number 5607040.
  4. Net Banking: Check Account Summary
  5. ATM at PNB: Visit nearest ATM
  6. Mobile Banking: PNB m-Banking, PNB passbook, PNB MobiEase.
  7. PassbookVisit the bank to update your passbook and then check it.

Register or activate Missed Call Service on PNB

To activate the Missed Call Service for activation of the Missed call Service PNB, Make an unanswered call to 18001802223, 1800 180 2223, or 0120-2303090. These are toll-free numbers.

PNB Incorrect call balance query

Call 18001802223 (toll-free) or 0120-2303090

If you find that the PNB user has two accounts that share the same number, they will receive balance data SMS from both versions. The service is currently available only for Savings and Current records; gaps between the two following questions sent from the same mobile number must be less than 45 minutes.

Punjab National Bank PNB SMS Banking

To check a PNB balance checked You can make an SMS message to 5607040. With your registered mobile number.

For registration of PNB SMS Banking, Visit any nearby PNB bank to register with your phone’s number.

Check the balance of your account, know the status of cheques, receive Mini statements, stop payments on cheques, and self-transfer of money (Rs. 5000/- per day limit) at any time.

For more details to get information, make an SMS to the SMS Bank number 5607040.

  • For Mini Statement Inquiry
  • Format: MINSTMT /space/ 16 digit Account Number
  • For Balance Inquiry
  • Format: BAL /space/ 16 digit Account Number
  • For Self Transfer Of Funds (Daily Limit Rs. 5,000/- ):
  • Format: SLFTRF /space/ FROM A/C /space/ TO A/C /space/ AMOUNT
  • For Stop Payment Of Cheque:
  • Format: STPCHQ /space/ CHEQUE NO. /space/ 16 digit Account number
  • E.g. STPCHQ 123456 015300XXXXXXXXXX
  • For Cheque Status Inquiry:
  • Format: CHQINQ /space/ CHEQUE NUMBER /space/ 16 digit Account Number
  • E.g. CHQINQ 123456 015300XXXXXXXXXX

Sleep Easy- PNB Takes Care of Your Money

Have you ever had a problem with your password’s security?

Just by making an SMS, you can deactivate the Internet/Mobile Banking password when not being used.

  • Online Retail Banking customers: BLOCK IBS to 92640 or 5607040
  • Users of Mobile Banking: Block MBS with the following numbers: 92640, 92640, or 5607040.

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