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By | October 16, 2021

This post provides all information about how to contact the Quest Diagnostics billing. In this post, you’ll find the entire procedure to conduct the Quest Diagnostics bill. Therefore, you must focus on this article and find the solution to your problem. Additionally, find your hands on the Quest Diagnoses billing address and contact number and live chat feature and Quest Pay Online methods.

There is a reason below as to why people typically contact Quest Diagnostics’s Billing Customer Service.

  • Payments and Charges:- 15%
  • Request for Information:- 13%
  • Account:- 4%
  • Product/ Service:- 5%
  • Other:- 63%

In the past, we all had tests conducted by our healthcare providers. There is a good chance that an affiliate from Quest Diagnostics processed the labs. Quest Diagnostics is a household name for the accuracy and reliability of methods used to test. Quest is used by almost every clinic, hospital, and doctor’s clinic across the globe. They now have labs in many different countries worldwide, and they continue to expand each year by cooperating with health facilities.

Quest Diagnostics Customer Service Number

Are you interested in knowing anything about the Blueprint for Wellness app? The number to contact customer support of Quest Diagnostics places you in contact with an expert who will assist you with all your questions regarding the tests you have taken. It is possible to get help with their services by contacting them via phone. They’ll provide you with information on this. If you contact them to pay the cost of these tests, they’ll type the invoice together and help you make the right arrangements to get your account.

  • (800) 877-7484:- Toll-Free Number.
  • (800) 222-0446:- Headquarters.
  • (973) 520-2900:- Investors/Franchising.
  • (866) 697-8378:- Sales/Reservation.
  • (800) 222-0446 ext 8954: Legal
  • (800) 890-6220:- Customer Service.
  • (866) 358-9828:- Customer Service.
  • (800) 891-2917:- Customer Service.
  • (800) 877-7484:- Customer Service.

How to do Quest Diagnostics Billing

There are three different ways to pay the Quest Diagnostic payment. This is a simple method to make for Quest diagnostics bill payment. 1. Online, 2. mail 3. By Phone.

How do I create Quest Pay Bill Online?

You do not need to log in. You only need access to your Lab Code and Invoice Number from your invoice. To make the Quest Online payment you must go to this Quest Diagnostics bill page.

How can I be able to pay for the Quest Credit Card bill by post?

There are multiple payment addresses, and it is dependent on where you’re located in your country. It is important to check your invoice to find the proper payment address.

Pay through the phone?

To make your payment via phone, dial the number as follows:

  • 877-287-8155:- Quest Diagnostics Customer Service Phone Number For Payment.

How to Call a Live Person on the Phone?

Follow the steps given and call a live person to call you.

  • To begin, dial 866-624-782
  • Repeat the process until you are connected to a live person calling you.
  • Once you have done that, you’ll instantly connect to the live customer support on the phone.
Hours of operation

Live customer support is available every day from Monday through Friday between 8 am until 5 pm. The most convenient time to contact Quest Diagnostics billing Customer Service is from 1 pm.

Quest Diagnostics Mailing Address

This address is for the administration offices of Quest Diagnostics. You are not able to send anything at this address. Absent the explicit instruction from a professional in client support.

Mailing Address:
  • 1201 South Collegeville Road
  • Collegeville, PA 19426

Quest Diagnostics Customer Support Website

The Quest Diagnostics Customer Support website provides extensive details about the numerous tests. Diagnostics also shows you how to sign up for MyQuest. You can also find local laboratories and testing channels to get your assessments done. They can perform tests for blood and tissue cytology and pathology, wellness tracking tests, body fluid tests, and tests based on genes for a small selection of the many testing options available.

Quest Diagnostics Social Media

Another option is readily available and that could be Social Media. You can keep in touch via Quest Diagnostics ‘ Billing Customer Service through the Social Media Accounts.

About Quest Diagnostics

The origins of Quest Diagnostics are somewhat surprising. It is hard to believe that an organization like this was founded out of Corning Glass Works. Nowadays, Corning is mostly associated with premium cookware. However, they were also interested in creating glassware that was lab-grade in the past. It started by Corning reacting to changes in laboratory chemistry during the 1960s, which led to instruments. The old stand-bys of the flask, beaker, and tubing chemistry were no longer the standard.

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