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By | February 27, 2022

After their dinner together, Liz doesn’t see him again for a few days, though she keeps an eye down the hall. They don’t have each other’s phone numbers and there has not been any discussion of planning encounters, and she likes it that way. The uncertainty adds to the pleasure of their friendship, or whatever it is. 

The next time she does see him, she’s going out to the store for coffee and he’s coming in from being at the gym. Of course he is. He offers to turn around and accompany her to the world market on the corner, where she likes to buy Guatemalan coffee by the pound and she doesn’t see why not. Even fresh from the gym he’s like a Michelangelo statue and she loathes him for it. He’s supposed to work later, but he’s glad he ran into her. He buys nothing from the store, but offers some amusing observations about the cashier and declares so much admiration for an absurd pair of socks that she can’t help but be delighted that he came along.

This is starting to feel like dangerous territory. Their meetings start to feel more and more contrived, and now they are each going up and down the hallway, knocking on each other’s doors. She’s sort of worked out his work schedule now, but he’s not always home on his nights off. He seems to also know when he can catch her at home. Is it just her or has it been a while since she’s seen any women going up the hallway with him?

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