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By | October 16, 2021

In this blog we will be discussing Safelite Customer Service. There are all the contact details including Safelite phone number,Email address, Live chat, etc. Through this article, you can call the live customer via phone. Safelite Auto Glass customer service.

If your windshield is damaged and you need a new one, then the most effective number to call will be your safelite number for customer support. Safelite Autoglass has all you require to have your windshield repaired so that you are back on the road without any hassle whatsoever. No matter what your journey, maybe you’ll be able to ensure that you’re receiving the support and support you need.

Safelite Auto Glass Phone Number

Safelite Autoglass intends to offer the highest quality service to their customers, which is why they offer their customer support phone number. Contact them now to discover what they can do to help you.


How to Call Safelite Customer Service?

It is easy to contact Safelite Auto glass Follow the steps to get a person on the line.

  1. To begin, dial 1-866-212-557.
  2. Take a minute to wait.
  3. Then, you’ll be connected to a live representative via Safelite Customer Service.

Safelite Call Center Hours

They are available anytime, as you will receive 24/7 security service.

Safelite Email Support

Safelite Auto Glass Customer Service offers email support. Also, you can send them an email with your queries at It will take some time to reply (24 or 48 hours) Therefore, the most efficient method of contacting them is to call to them directly at Safelite Auto Glass call center.

Live Chat Support

Live Chat isn’t accessible. Contact them via mail and Safelite 800-number. If you’d like to stay connected to Safelite news, you can also check out the social media site.

Safelite Autoglass Customer Service Website

If you’ve had a horrible experience at one times, the best place to go is their support page for customers. Their website, also known as”the help centre,” contains numerous FAQs covering topics like auto glass support as well as what we do for support, how to submit promises, and more. If they are unable to help you, you can contact their customer support number, and then write them an email or mail to their address. Visit: You can also call them at Safelite support number.

Safelite Autoglass Social Links

They are on the following pages

Mailing Address

  • Safelite Group Inc.
  • 7400 Safelite Way
  • Columbus, OH 43235

Safelite Blog

More information is available in the Safeline Customer Service Blog. Only you have to visit: From this site, you’ll receive news from the corporate side on how the company is performing as well as interesting information such as recent mentions from the best offices across the nation, the latest imports to smaller companies and honours for their services to customers. So, if be interested in knowing what you can concerning Safelite Autoglass, check out their newsroom to find out what they’ve been doing recently.

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