SBH Balance Enquiry Number by Missed Call

By | November 2, 2021

State Bank of Hyderabad has unveiled a service whereby customers can access their Mini-Statement, SBH Balance Enquiry, etc. By making a missed call or SMS. There are several ways through that you can verify your bank balance. We will discuss them below:

  • Missed phone number: 09223766666
  • SMS ReGSBH (your account number.). and send it to 09223488888.
  • Toll-Free Numbers: 18004254055
  • SBH Customer Care Number: 18004251825
  • SBH mini statement: 09223866666

How do I register or activate the activation of Missed call Service SBH?

With your registered mobile number, make an SMS to 09223488888. In the following format:

  • SMS = REGSBH (your account number.) Send to 09223488888. For example, REGSBH 987654321 and then send to 09223488888.
  • After submitting an SMS, you will receive a confirmation message stating that “your registration is successful.”

SBH Bank Balance by Missed phone

  • To receive SBH Balance Information, make an unsolicited phone call to 09223766666 with your mobile number on your registration.
  • To get an SBH mini-statement, dial 09223866666 for an appointment.
  • You can also contact their customer service line for any inquiries. SBH Customer Care Number is 18004251825, and Toll-Free Numbers is 18004254055.
  • The nearest branch can be contacted. SBH Bank Branch and ask them to activate missed-call banking settings.
  • ATM It is also possible to verify your SBH balance on your Smartphone using the sbh web financial app available on the web. You can also go to the bank’s ATM, at which point you need to swipe your card at the machine, and when you enter the PIN code. Your account balance will be displayed on the ATM screen.
  • Finally, a second alternative is to visit your bank to learn banking information. It is also possible to know the details from your bank regarding the method of checking the balance of your bank account.

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