So she said

By | April 1, 2022

Su d d e nly there was a call..
Naldi was asking.. When to come home?
Said no one knows. Then began to ask.. Do you eat bread?
So he said. Yes, you’ve eaten it!
The mask on the face was a n n oy in g more than the uniform worn!
Su d de nl y the door of the front house opened. There were two jawaks!
I pulled down the baton hard and shouted. Get in which oye. You don’t know. You came out again!
But this time they didn’t stop. Came to us.. He handed over a plate covered with a pony and the other handed over a bottle of water.


Nikki said, ‘Mom,’ she said. He stood in front of him, giving Uncle Suver’s duty. He didn’t eat anything.. Hungry A.. Go get the bread! Come on!
I picked up the pot..
Four flowers inside.. A vegetable.. Mango pickles and other nicks dry..!
The sweet scent of fresh bread spread to Fiza.
For a long time, even the little puppy who had been sleeping nearby approached him and started shaking his tail..
One put it on him and the rest of them ate it himself…
Two of the souls, deeply troubled by hunger, had now calmed down, and the two gods with tiny hands had returned with the promise of humanity!

The Punjab Cabinet, chaired by Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, during a meeting held in the evening at the Chief Minister’s Office here today, approved the Excise Policy for the period 2022-23 from April 1 to June 30. According to a spokesman of the Chief Minister’s Office, for the purpose of maintaining stability in the liquor business under this excise policy renewed for three months, the existing licensees who are willing to pay an additional 1.75 per cent on the minimum guaranteed revenue for their group/zone than in the financial year 2021-22, they will continue their work.


The spokesman further informed that for these three months, the minimum guaranteed revenue of the groups/zones of the State is Rs.1440.96 crore while the target of revenue of Rs.1910 crore has been fixed from this short-term excise policy. At present, the minimum guaranteed quota of country liquor, English liquor, beer and IFL for each group/zone has been increased by 10 per cent from the first quarter of last year to collect more revenue from the period.

The spokesperson also informed that the additional fixed licence fee has been increased while allowing small (retail) licence holders to consume liquor as per their requirement. The fixed and open quota ratio has been kept at 30:70 as in the financial year 2021-22. The spokesperson further informed that it based track and trace system will be implemented during the financial year 2022-23 to control the movement of liquor.

Desi ghee is something that is definitely found in everyone’s kitchen. We also take it in our daily diet. We use desi ghee in food but did you know that desi ghee has many benefits? We can also take advantage of it by massaging, and at the same time, there are many benefits of adding ghee to the nose. Let us tell you what are the benefits of having desi ghee in the nose.

It is better to put ghee in the nose as it acts like a tonic for your brain. It is worth mentioning that the human brain is 60 per cent fattened and ghee also contains essential fatty acids that are important in providing nutrition. By doing so, you infuse new life energy into the brain system, which also helps to increase your concentration level, brain function. It also increases your brain’s ability to learn.

You can also put the drops in the nose of the little one by one. If the child refuses to put ghee in his nose, in such a case you can also take ghee in his finger and apply it on his nose. The elderly, on the other hand, can put two drops of ghee in each nose. It is good to put ghee in the nose on an empty stomach.

You can also do it in the morning an hour before breakfast or in the evening or while sleeping at night. You can put it in the nose. It would be great to have it warmed up a little before putting it in the nose.

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