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What to expect from the Niagara Regional Municipality’s summer festival season

Posted October 11, 2018 11:30:22The Niagara Regional Council is set to host a summer festival in the coming weeks, with a number of attractions to be announced and some events to take place.

The Niagara City Council is also set to hold a summer concert festival, while the Niagara Region Conservation Authority is planning to hold another outdoor festival, as well as several outdoor festivals in the Niagara River Valley.

For more information on events that are to take part in the summer festival, check out the Niagara-area region calendar.

The city of Niagara is hosting an outdoor festival this week with the opening of a new outdoor park and an outdoor concert venue, at the new Rideau River Park, located at the northern end of the city.

The park will feature a skate park, a boat ramp and a mini-vault, as part of a series of events and festivals this summer.

The Rideau City Council will also be hosting a Summerfest, which is set for Sunday, September 22 at the Rideau-Ogden Civic Centre, with live music, face painting and other activities.

The event will be the third Summerfest for the city of Toronto, and the first to be held at a downtown park.

The events are set to take the form of a five-day festival that is open to the public.

The first two days are open to everyone, with free admission.

The final day is reserved for seniors and those with disabilities.

The main event, the Summerfest at Rideau, is scheduled for Saturday, September 24 at the park, with an opening ceremony at 6:30 p.m. and performances from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 noon.

The festival is set in the park and will include entertainment, games, contests, contests for prizes, a costume contest and other events.

The festival will be free to attend.

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When Apple’s iMacs arrive, the Apple store is in a state of upheaval

Posted October 19, 2018 08:29:47Apple’s new Macs are here and they’re about to make their first appearance at Apple’s retail stores.

The new Mac Pros will be arriving on October 21, but some Mac users are waiting to see if they’re as good as the previous generation Mac Pros.

Apple has announced that Macs from all its competitors will be available at Apple stores starting October 20, but there’s a catch.

While Macs with Mac Pros in them will be eligible for free upgrades for five years, Macs without Mac Pros won’t be.

That’s because Apple doesn’t offer a free upgrade program for Macs that have Mac Pros, even though Apple’s customers have been requesting for years.

The company has also made it clear that its customers are not going to be able to upgrade Macs directly from the Mac App Store, which was updated to include support for Mac Pros and MacBooks on September 14, 2019.

Apple has said it will add support for upgrading Macs in the coming months, but at the moment Macs can only be upgraded via Mac App Stores.

This isn’t the first time Apple has had to update its Mac AppStore to support Mac Pros: Apple introduced Mac Pros with AppleCare in 2015.

Apple said that it will update the Mac app stores on October 20 to include Mac Pros support.

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