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How to spot the best Devon and Cornwall region news

Devon and Devon’s news headlines have been changing all year, but it’s never been this good for regional news.

It’s not only that the local news is better than ever, but that it’s been changing at a much faster rate than anywhere else in the country.

And this year, we’re seeing a lot more regional news that will hopefully inspire you to go and find out what’s happening in the region.

So, to get started, we’ve collected some of the best regional news headlines to keep you in the loop.

Here’s a quick look at what Devon and Co. is up to. 


Devon’s first major job cuts The Devon and Exeter regional council has announced it will slash its workforce by 5,000 jobs by June 2019, bringing the total to just over 1,500 people.

The council said the cuts were necessary to “improve services for people in the communities that have been affected by the recent financial crisis”.

But it said that job cuts are not enough, and the cuts are to be spread across the region, with some cuts taking place at the local level and others in Devon’s larger towns.

“The cuts will not be sufficient to address the current and projected pressures that are causing disruption and hardship for people across the entire region,” the council said in a statement.

“These pressures include an increased level of social and economic inequality, poor health, a decline in our quality of life and a worsening of social, economic and health outcomes.”

Devon has been hit hard by the economic downturn, with the unemployment rate running at 16.5 per cent, compared to an overall rate of 11 per cent in the UK.

The local government has said it has seen “significant cuts” in services in the last 12 months. 


Devon has lost out on hundreds of millions of pounds in economic development funding since the financial crisis  The Devon and Essex regional council, which is part of Devon’s largest city, has said the loss of £50 million in economic regeneration funding in Devon since 2014 has meant that a third of the council’s budget is now at risk.

The loss of the funding is a blow to the council, with more than £150 million in annual economic development spending currently set to be lost in the next 12 months, according to the regional council.

Devon and Suffolk council has said that its £2.8 billion annual economic regeneration investment plan is still in the red, with a further £5 million in lost economic development funds in 2019, according the council. 


Devon is struggling with its water and sewerage network The council has been criticised by local people and politicians for the quality of the water in Devon, with local residents claiming the water is not clean enough to drink.

It has also been criticised for not investing in water infrastructure as promised by the Government, with Devon’s water being one of the worst in the nation.

The Government said the water system was “still in an unacceptable state”. 


Devon could be the next county to get a £1bn boost The council has set a target of having £1 billion in local government funding by 2020, and is aiming to do this through investment in the community and in social services.

However, Devon has struggled with a lack of funding, with it having just £7.8 million in local funding, according its council’s latest annual report.

The government has also committed to delivering £1.5 billion in housing, but the council says this is too little to meet the housing needs of the people of Devon, and has announced a plan to increase housing for the council by £500 million by 2020.


Devon suffers from a massive shortfall in local councils funding The Devon Regional Council, which runs Devon’s only local government body, says it has been struggling to fund services in Devon and has a deficit of more than 50 per cent of its funding.

It is also facing the biggest increase in funding cuts in the county’s history, with councils across the country having to cut staff and pay staff.

Devon Council’s current funding shortfall has led to a £200 million funding shortfall, with around £200m of this coming from council funding alone.

The funding gap is due to the fact that Devon’s funding has been cut by £1,500 from 2015 to 2019. 


Devon faces a £50bn shortfall in funding by 2021 Devon’s current shortfall of £1 million is due in large part to the funding cuts and the government’s decision to increase funding for social housing, with just £400m of the total amount to be spent in the area. 


Devon needs more people to help it tackle the problem of the elderly and disabled Devonton is struggling to meet its needs for social care workers, with less than 5,600 people living with dementia in the local authority, according a recent survey by the Department for Communities and Local Government.

The number of people receiving social care support in Devon is also falling, with only

Jail term for accused in murder of teen ends in acquittal

The acquittal of an accused in the murder of a 16-year-old boy in a Devon County jail has ended a man’s lengthy jail term, but the teen’s family has vowed to take their case to court.

The teen was killed in a violent altercation with another inmate in the Devon County Correctional Facility on May 6, 2016.

The two men were charged with second-degree murder.

The boy’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit in April against the jail, Sheriff James Kincaid and the Devon District Attorney’s Office.

Their case is still pending, but Kincahas office says it is “aware of the news report and is reviewing it.”

In a statement released late Friday, the family said they would continue to press charges.

“We want to see justice done for our son and we are ready to bring this case to trial,” said Jasmine Boulton, Jasmine’s mother.

“This is not a good time for the sheriff to be out of jail and we do not know how long he will remain in jail.

Our family has been through so much, and this has been a long, hard journey, and we want to get him out of prison so he can go to school, to have a normal life and be happy.”

The teen’s mother, Jasmina Boulmon, also said she is ready to move forward with the case.

“My son is alive.

He is not dead.

He will be out in a year,” she said.

“He is doing well.

He has a good education.

He lives a good life and will have a good future.

And he is in love with his wife and loves her dearly.”

How to watch the Europa League match between AC Milan and Atalanta

By Alessandra De SistiAntonio Conte’s side are in the Europa Leagues group stage for the first time since the 2013-14 season, as they face Atalantans in the second leg of their play-off tie.

With the gap between the teams being just over two goals, the second half was a battle of attrition for the visitors.

In the first leg, AC Milan came close to breaking the deadlock, but in the third minute they went up by a goal when Gianluigi Buffon headed in a cross from Antonio Di Natale.

However, the hosts took the lead soon after the restart when Roberto Baggio converted a penalty kick to give Atalanti a 1-0 lead.

Milan’s next chance came in the 78th minute when Andrea Barzagli found Adriana Giannini with a neat through ball from the left flank and the striker beat the goalkeeper before firing in a powerful volley.

It was an encouraging performance from the hosts, who have now reached the last 16 of the Europa league in two consecutive seasons.

It was a much-needed win, as AC Milan are now level on points with fourth-placed Atalantic.

However Atalantis will need to keep their shape and avoid another embarrassing defeat if they are to reach the knockout stages of the competition.

The win lifts them into third place and means that they now have one point separating themselves from fourth-place side Frosinone.

The two teams met in the group stage last season, when Atalante won 1-1.

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