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Why are so many people still detained in Kazakhstan?

DANAK, Kazakhstan — Some 20 people were held by Kazakhstan authorities at a border crossing for over a week after their passports were seized during a police raid in neighboring Uzbekistan, local media reported Friday.

The incident, which was reported in Kazakhstan’s semi-official news agency, was the latest in a string of arrests and detentions since the government took power in March after a popular uprising that saw protesters and government supporters clash over the government’s control of the country.

A spokesman for the interior ministry in Krasnodar province said authorities had detained at least 20 people who were detained for alleged terrorism links.

A spokesperson for the Interior Ministry in Ulan-Ude province said the detention had been confirmed.

Kazakhstan is currently embroiled in a conflict with Russia that has left hundreds of thousands of people dead.

The country also has a separatist insurgency that the Kremlin has condemned.

Cebu News: ‘Cebu’s Government Will Take A Massive Leap Forward’

The government will take a massive leap forward in its efforts to promote and grow the country’s economy in the coming years, President Rodrigo Duterte said at the National Press Club on Wednesday.ADVERTISEMENT The Philippines is expected to reap a $1.6 trillion boost in economic output from foreign investment, Duterte said.

Duterte has already announced the country will be the largest recipient of foreign investment in the next decade, with more than $1 trillion expected to be invested in the country by 2020.

The Philippine economy will grow 4.7 percent in 2020 from the current 3.6 percent, according to Duterte’s official National Economic Outlook.

The country’s economic output will be 2.5 percent higher than it was in 2015.

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