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How to create a more peaceful future in Western Ukraine

A day after Russia’s annexation of Crimea, western Ukraine’s prime minister, Yulia Tymoshenko, said she was ready to use force to stop the spread of “anti-Ukrainian propaganda” in the region.

Speaking to reporters after a meeting with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, Tymko said she hoped to use all means to stop pro-Russian militants from spreading propaganda about the separatist movement.

“We are ready to deploy force against anyone who tries to spread misinformation about our Ukrainian neighbors,” she said, referring to separatist rebels.

“Our aim is to ensure that people do not spread this false propaganda,” she added.

Ukrainians were divided over the Ukrainian government’s response to the crisis in Crimea, with the government blaming pro-Moscow separatists for the takeover of the peninsula by Russian forces in the past week.

But many of those who supported the Ukrainian military’s response said the conflict has turned into a civil war that has already killed more than 2,000 people and displaced more than 5 million, according to the UN.

Tymoshenko said on Sunday that Ukraine’s military was “ready to use any force to restore peace and security” in Crimea and that it was “very important to work together in the coming days”.

“We cannot let this happen.

We are not ready to accept this, not ready for this.

And we will not accept this,” she told reporters in Ukraine’s capital Kiev.

How to find the right regional hockey league

The NHL is in the midst of an ongoing search for a regional league.

The league’s executive committee recently met with league brass to discuss options, including potentially launching a new league, as well as developing a new branding and marketing campaign.

The NHL has had an active presence in the area for decades, and the NHLPA is looking to expand its footprint beyond the city and its surrounding communities.

As the NHL prepares for its 40th season in 2019-20, the league will likely focus on the greater metro area and focus on a number of regional markets, such as Toronto and Vancouver.

The new league will be run by an outside group and will have a structure similar to the existing NHL Players’ Association, which was created in the 1960s.

But unlike the NHL, the Players’ Union is currently a nonprofit organization that has no stake in the league or its operations.

As such, it has no say in how the NHL decides to run its games or what the league does with the revenues.

The players’ union is still looking to grow its membership, and has also been vocal in its desire to make the NHL more inclusive.

“There are a lot of things that the Players Union is working on right now,” NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said in an interview with Sportsnet’s Peterborough Sun.

“We’re definitely looking at that.

We have a lot to look forward to in that regard.”

Bettman added that the league hopes to expand the number of teams in the region, and that “it would be beneficial to have a regional hockey conference.”

The NHL and the Players Association were recently locked in a bitter contract dispute.

In the latest episode of The Early Show, Bettman addressed the possibility of the NHL returning to the Canadian market, which he said was “a good idea.”

The current league will not play in the Canadian Hockey League, which is the highest level of professional hockey in North America.

That means that if the NHL was to return to the league, the players would be free to return and compete against other players in the CHL.

The Players’ union has been working with the NHL to develop a new, more inclusive brand for the league.

It is now working with companies like Target to develop new clothing lines, and a new logo is being created to reflect the league’s global image.

The union hopes to create a new partnership with Nike, which it says will “build on our successful global partnership with the players, create a partnership with a global brand and create a global platform.”

The players have also begun developing a digital platform that will include an app, social media and video content.

The plan is for the new platform to be released by mid-2019.

Bettman acknowledged that the new brand would be more tailored to players in Canada, but added that it is still “too early” to say how the new branding will look.

“I don’t want to overstate this, but I think the players have a very unique brand,” Bettman told the Sun.

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