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How to stop the spread of ‘radical Islam’

In the coming months, the world will learn what is really going on in Saudi Arabia and Iran.

There are a few important points that must be made.

The first is that Iran and Saudi Arabia are now the only two countries on earth that have actively encouraged and enabled jihadist groups in the Middle East.

The other is that this is a very serious threat to regional peace.

There is a new narrative being created around Iran that the west is the source of all evil, that the Shia are the only real enemies and that we have to deal with them with all of our might.

That narrative, which has been spreading among Western elites and in mainstream media, is the same as the one espoused by jihadists who claim to have an apocalyptic vision of Islam being destroyed.

The main difference is that the jihadists believe in a global caliphate, which means they see the world in apocalyptic terms and believe that it is the only way to liberate the Muslim world.

This view is a profoundly dangerous one, and it will only fuel extremism and violence.

This is not only dangerous to the region, but it also threatens the stability of the global system.

This message is being propagated on social media, with young people and young adults actively sharing the message on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

There has been a significant increase in the spread and use of extremist content, and some of the most extreme elements in the extremist movement have received support and training from the Gulf states.

The second major problem is the Saudi government’s attempts to silence criticism of the government and of the Saudi-backed Sunni Arab states that have been responsible for the spread, especially in Iraq and Syria.

This has led to a backlash against those who are critical of the monarchy and Saudi practices, which are in line with the Saudi state’s strategy of maintaining power and control.

The Saudi government has been using social media to undermine and discredit those who have challenged the government.

The crackdown on social networking platforms is a clear attempt to suppress critical voices and to silence those who question the Saudi regime.

It is clear that the Saudi authorities are targeting any criticism of Saudi policies, particularly its policies in the region.

Saudi Arabia has long been a strong supporter of the US and its military operations, particularly in the Arab and Muslim world, and its actions in Yemen, Libya, Syria and the Gaza Strip have been a major cause of the destabilisation of the region and the deterioration of global security.

The kingdom has been actively involved in the military campaign against the Houthi rebels in Yemen and in the bombing of the Houthis in Saudi-led military operations against Iran.

Saudi involvement in the war against the Syrian government, the Yemen-based Houthis and the Saudi military campaign have all been a part of the broader strategy of the UAE and its regional allies, which aims to weaken, isolate and destabilise the Syrian state.

Saudi officials have repeatedly called on the United States to drop its support for the Syrian regime and to support the opposition to the Syrian army and its allies, including the Houthisi rebels, in order to prevent a US-Iran-Saudi alliance, including its proxy, the Houthites, from being formed.

In 2016, Saudi Arabia gave $1 billion in aid to the Saudi coalition fighting the Syrian war.

In 2017, the Saudi rulers offered $7 billion in military aid to support Saudi Arabia’s proxy war against Iran and its proxy in Syria, the Hezbollah, to help it expand its regional influence.

As a result, the United Arab Emirates, which is the UAE’s principal economic backer, has become the largest arms exporter in the world, with billions of dollars in military assistance.

This assistance has helped to fund the military operations of the GCC, which have been backed by the US, the UAE, Saudi and other Gulf states and has allowed them to consolidate their regional power.

In 2018, Saudi officials were in charge of drafting a UN Security Council resolution condemning Saudi Arabia for its involvement in Yemen.

The UN resolution was passed in September 2018 and was expected to be signed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and the United Kingdom.

It condemned the use of weapons and mercenaries, the use and distribution of children and vulnerable populations to support a Saudi-directed armed campaign in Yemen which killed thousands of people, and the brutal treatment of women, people with disabilities and LGBT people.

It also condemned the blockade of Yemen by Saudi-controlled blockade countries, the removal of the Yemeni government from the UN Security Charter and the failure of the UN Human Rights Council to act.

Saudi state media and state-funded television and radio have promoted the narrative that the Houthys are a terrorist organisation that should be destroyed.

They have also accused the Houths of supporting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group in Iraq.

They claim that the Yemeni people have been betrayed by the Houthiyya government, and that the government is an ally of Iran.

This claim is backed by a number of Western media and the UAE government.

This narrative has led many

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