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Watch out for birds and insects as the skies open up for summer on the NT News site

New Zealand has been granted the ability to launch air strikes from the sky against suspected Islamic State terrorists as part of a massive military exercise.

The move, which is likely to be controversial given the country’s long-standing pacifist stance, will allow the New Zealand Air Force to carry out a range of air strikes against the group.

The Ministry of Defence has been monitoring the skies and has ordered air strikes, in particular against IS, to be carried out on a “regular basis”.

The Defence Force is also expected to take a closer look at the possibility of air attacks on civilians, according to The Sunday Times.

The exercise is part of the countrys “Global Hawk” programme, a plan to increase the number of jets flying over the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

In a statement, New Zealand Defence Force spokesman Lieutenant General Paul Williams said the exercise, which will involve air and ground crews, would be carried “out in a manner consistent with the country s current security needs”.

The exercise will be conducted at Auckland’s Christchurch airport, in what is known as a “low-level air exercise”.

New Zealand Defence Forces spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Paul Williams says the exercise will involve Air Force personnel flying in the skies above Auckland.

He says the Air Force will conduct the exercise on a regular basis.

New Zealand has already used air strikes in the past to attack IS targets in Iraq and Syria.

The air strikes have been used in an effort to target the group in Iraq, where it is also battling to recapture Mosul from the extremist group.

The country has also carried out a number of air operations in recent months against IS targets on the ground in Iraq.

In June, the government announced it was “very concerned” by the threat posed by the group, and that New Zealand was “looking at ways to strengthen our response”.

New Zealand, which has a population of more than 2.3 million, has been a staunch ally of the United States in the fight against IS.

The countrys defence minister, Paula Bennett, told Parliament that New Zealands “strong response” was a key part of New Zealand’s defence and security posture.

“There’s a strong and very clear message we’ve got from our alliance with the United Kingdom, and we’re looking at ways we can strengthen our own response.”

Newzealand, which borders Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, has faced a number, of IS attacks in recent years.

In December, the New Zeals army killed two suspected Islamic extremists after they attacked soldiers at a military base in the country, killing two soldiers and injuring a number others.

It is unclear if New Zealand will be involved in the new air strike.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who was re-elected in October, has said that New Zealands military would be involved.

New Zealands defence and foreign affairs spokesperson, Simon Bridges, has also indicated that Newzealans military would participate in the exercise.

More to come.

How to find out which airline you can book online, if you can’t find one

Find out which regional airline is available to book online in Australia.

You’ll need to look at their website to see if the airline is open for booking and whether you can buy your ticket online.

To do this, click the menu icon in the upper right corner and select “Search by airline”.

Alternatively, click on the airline’s website in the top left corner and choose “Find out which airport is open”.

If the airline isn’t open for online booking, the search will return results that don’t include a search option.

You can then click on “Select the nearest airline”.

This will bring up a list of available regional airlines, which can then be sorted by price, seat capacity, seats available and seat availability at peak times.

You’ll also be able to check if the aircraft is operating as a scheduled flight.

This should be enough to help you find a flight.

Find out more: The regional airline option will give you a list with airline details and a list showing how much money you can expect to pay.

If you can afford to pay more than $1,000 per person, you can choose the regional airline that is available for booking online.

If you can pay more, the airlines listed will be discounted and will be more attractive.

Find out more about booking flights with regional airlines

Jail term for accused in murder of teen ends in acquittal

The acquittal of an accused in the murder of a 16-year-old boy in a Devon County jail has ended a man’s lengthy jail term, but the teen’s family has vowed to take their case to court.

The teen was killed in a violent altercation with another inmate in the Devon County Correctional Facility on May 6, 2016.

The two men were charged with second-degree murder.

The boy’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit in April against the jail, Sheriff James Kincaid and the Devon District Attorney’s Office.

Their case is still pending, but Kincahas office says it is “aware of the news report and is reviewing it.”

In a statement released late Friday, the family said they would continue to press charges.

“We want to see justice done for our son and we are ready to bring this case to trial,” said Jasmine Boulton, Jasmine’s mother.

“This is not a good time for the sheriff to be out of jail and we do not know how long he will remain in jail.

Our family has been through so much, and this has been a long, hard journey, and we want to get him out of prison so he can go to school, to have a normal life and be happy.”

The teen’s mother, Jasmina Boulmon, also said she is ready to move forward with the case.

“My son is alive.

He is not dead.

He will be out in a year,” she said.

“He is doing well.

He has a good education.

He lives a good life and will have a good future.

And he is in love with his wife and loves her dearly.”

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