U-Haul Customer Service: Talk to a Live Person

By | November 3, 2021

In this article, we’ll talk about UHaul Customer Support. If you’d like to speak with an actual person or to use the live UHaul chat, then this post is perfect for you. In this article, we’ll provide you with all options available to you to connect with an agent live of the UHaul customer Service.

U-Haul is an American storage leasing company located within Phoenix, Arizona, that’s been in operation since. Leonard Shoen established the business in Ridgefield, Washington, in a garage owned by his family. He later increased its size through franchising with gas channels.

U-Haul’s rental fleet includes auto-transports, trailers and trucks, and a variety of other gears. Heavy-duty pickup trucks and cabs produced by Ford, GMC, and Ram are joined by U-Haul’s custom-built truck boxes at factories located in diverse regions in North America.

Talk to a Live Person in U-Haul Customer Care

Here are the steps to contact U-Haul customer service and speak to live help on the line:

  • The first step is to dial 1-800-468-4285.
  • Then Press 3
  • Keep the line open for just a few minutes.
  • Following that, you’ll instantly be connected to an agent through U-Haul.

Here’s a list of U-Haul’s main voice menus that can aid you in finding the best service.

  • If you require assistance in making a reservation, please press 1.
  • For assistance with reservations, you already have, click 2.
  • If you would like to speak to a representative from customer service, contact 3
  • For assistance at the roadside in case of an accident, breakdown, or another type of emergency, call 4.
  • If you need help on your Truck Share, contact 5.

Uhaul Customer Service Number

  • 1-800-468-4285: U-Haul Support Phone Number
  • Assistance at 1-800-528-0355.
  • 1-800-468-4285: Reservations
  • 1-877-990-8227: UhaulCarShare(r)
  • 1-800-528-6042: Corporate Sales
  • 1-866-404-0355: Used Trucks for Sale
  • 1-866-693-6683: Become a Storage Affiliate
  • 1-800-528-0361: Retail Supply & Purchasing
  • 1-888-886-0782: Tickets
  • 1-800-826-9633: Credit Department
  • 1-800-528-7134 to report equipment damage.
  • 1-888-886-0782: Report Impounded or Abandoned U-Haul Equipment

U-Haul Customer Service Representative Hours

U-Haul Customer service is available 24/7 to its customers. They can be reached anytime and inquire about any need.

U-Haul Social Links

Contact them via any social media website.

Email Support

U-Haul also offers an email option. Below is the list of emails.

UHaul Live Chat

You can also engage in live chat with the U-Haul representative anytime. The service is accessible 24/7 to its customers. You must adhere to these guidelines:

  1. To begin, go to the U-Haul Contact Page
  2. Now you can click the “Chat Now Click on the ‘Chat Now’ button.
  3. Following this, an agent with U Haul will connect with you.

U-Haul Help Page

If you’re having trouble or require assistance, then visit U-Haul’s Help Page.

Here, you can seek assistance from the person who will assist you.

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