Vahan SMS 7738299899 to Get Vehicle Details

By | November 18, 2021

If you’re looking to find Vahan, the SMS number 7738299899, and you’re at the right spot. We will discuss RC Details, Driving Licence Details as well as other details.

If you are buying a car used or another item, you can verify the authenticity of the purchase by sending a Vahan SMS to 7738299899 on your cell phone. So, the authorities will also be able to verify the owners of which is used as evidence of address in many cases and by texting the number to the number 8790499899.

The ministry of road transport, working in partnership with National Informatics Centre (NIC), has developed this SMS and web-based apps to answer questions about the authenticity of vehicles, the RC Driving License Details.

To verify the vehicle information to determine if it’s authentic or not, text it.

A NIC official has said that to obtain one-time information on RCs, the person must send an SMS “VAHAN” with the vehicle’s RC number to 7738299899. The sender of the SMS will receive an answer with the information.

How do I check the details of your vehicle via sending an SMS via Vahan SMS 738299899?

How can I find out more regarding the Registration Certificate?

Send an SMS ‘VAHAN’ RC no to 7738299899

E.g., VAHAN DL3CAP9473

How can I determine the status of a driver’s license?

Send an SMS ‘SARDL’ to 8790499899.

How to get DL Status Check by SMS?

Send an SMS ‘SARDL’ to 8790499899

E.g., SARDL AP32 98765432123 1234567891

In a matter of seconds, an SMS is sent with your status of DL.

How to get RC Statius Check?

Send an SMS ‘VAHAN’ to 7738299899

Within a couple of seconds, an SMS will be sent in with your status as RC.

How to get the Status of Web Application Number by SMS?

Send an SMS as “SARAPPL Web Number” to 8790499899

E.g., SARAPPL 1210

How can I find the details of the appointment via SMS?

Send an SMS as “SARATHI Appointment No” to 8790499899

E.g., SARATHI 165954

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