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‘Not a big deal’: Punjabi women to boycott wedding of former PM’s daughter

KERALA: Women will not be invited to the wedding of Prime Minister Prithviraj Chavan’s daughter on May 1 after they complained that it was “not a big issue”.

Chief Minister Eknath Khadse said the government has decided to avoid any further disruptions in the celebration.

“We have decided to ban all weddings in the country,” he said.

“There is no big issue about it, and we will not allow any such incident.”

According to a source, the chief minister said the wedding will be held in a private location to avoid “an inconvenience to the people”.

The wedding will take place at the village of Pannarama, in Pannara, near Bhiwandi, a city in Kannur district.

The source said the ceremony will be conducted on a Sunday.

The source said Chavan will hold the wedding at his home and invite all his supporters.

“If he can’t get all his friends together to celebrate, he will invite the people himself,” he added.

“The wedding is a privilege for the people.

We want to show respect to our Prime Minister’s daughter.”

Earlier this month, Khadssi had called for the cancellation of the wedding after a complaint was made by a woman who had complained about the “sexist” treatment of Chavan and other members of his family.

The women also complained that they had been excluded from the wedding and had not been given a space to meet with Chavan or his family members.

Chavan had been accused of raping a woman in a hotel room in 2012.

He has denied the allegation.

‘Petition will lead to a lot of changes’ in Sinaloa cartel

Sinaloans will soon vote on a new constitution, as a petition that seeks to abolish the country’s notoriously brutal justice system will go up for signatures.

The constitution, the first ever written in the country, will be presented to the public on Tuesday.

It would replace the countrys notoriously harsh penal system with one based on the principle of non-violence.

It also seeks to eliminate the role of the cartel’s criminal organization Sinaloan Knights.

The document is the first of many that are expected to be unveiled this year as the cartel struggles to contain its losses following a wave of murders, disappearances and robberies.

Sinaloan officials say the new constitution is needed to protect the country from corruption, crime and drug trafficking, and to combat the threat of the Knights.

Siempre, or the State of the State, will take the reigns of power in the next 18 months.

The draft constitution will be made public during the party congress, a month-long assembly that convenes in April.

Southeast region braces for major storm damage

The Washington State Department of Transportation has issued a safety alert for motorists heading to areas where severe weather could threaten.

The advisory states, “The storm could bring heavy snowfall and wind gusts up to 60 mph.”

The advisory is in effect for:Southeast Washington – Seattle, King County, Pierce, Snohomish, Pierce and IssaquahThe storm is expected to bring heavy downpours and heavy rain to areas from the Puget Sound to the Columbia River.

The storm, which was expected to be a big part of the week, was forecast to bring up to 6 inches of snow in Seattle, up to 4 inches in the Pugetechnics, up 2 inches in Tacoma and 2 inches to the Portland area.

“I think the big concern right now is we’re going to see the heaviest snowfall, heaviest snowstorm and heaviest snow and wind damage,” Washington State Patrol Trooper David Dyer said.

The state is warning people to avoid travel on the roads that will be closed in anticipation of the storm.

The road closures are expected to last through Tuesday.

Officials expect heavy snow to fall in the area, especially in the Cascade Mountains and in the northern part of Washington.

The National Weather Service issued a severe weather advisory for the region Tuesday morning.

The storm warning includes heavy snow, isolated thunderstorms and flooding.

The weather agency is warning the area to avoid heavy snow and icy roads and said there could be some snow, ice and/or sleet.

It said heavy snow in the Columbia Basin could reach as high as 2 feet.

The Washington State Transportation Department is warning motorists to avoid the areas of the Northwest and southern Washington.

The roads that were closed in advance of Tuesday’s storm will be open for travel in the coming days.

“The State of Washington is preparing to open up some roadways to traffic, especially during these storm conditions,” a spokesman said in a statement.

The department will also offer special lane closures for drivers with disabilities and pedestrians.

The State Highway Patrol is warning drivers to exercise extreme caution while driving in the snow.

The department also issued a warning for people driving in areas where the storm could make travel difficult.

Drivers are advised to travel at their own risk.

The State of California has also issued warnings.

Driving through the mountains can be dangerous and dangerous for people who are on snow tires and may need extra care.

If you are traveling with a child, you must ensure that they are not left unattended in vehicles or in the back of a vehicle with a large child or other large object.

Drives in snow and ice will also be unsafe.

People who are in a snow-covered vehicle should not drive alone.

If your vehicle is not equipped with a snow or ice detector, do not park in the street, or in snow.

People who are stranded in the mountains are urged to call 911 and ask for assistance from the Coast Guard.

Saudi Arabia says it has killed 10 of its citizens in Yemen

Saudi Arabia said Friday it had killed 10 people suspected of spying for Yemen in an apparent retaliation for its air strikes in neighboring Yemen.

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior said in a statement that “terrorists” had tried to infiltrate the country’s borders and tried to hide themselves in Saudi-owned stores.

It said the suspects had fled the country, while no information was immediately available.

Saudi security officials were not immediately available for comment.

The kingdom has been fighting Yemen’s Houthi rebels since March 2015 and the kingdom has blamed the Houthis for a bombing that killed more than 150 people in Riyadh on Nov. 22, which was the deadliest attack on Saudi soil since a 2013 assault that killed thousands of people.

Saudi officials have repeatedly accused Iran and the Houthi movement of sponsoring and arming the rebels, accusing them of carrying out a deadly crackdown on civilians.

What happens next for the North Queensland Broncos?

Posted August 06, 2018 06:16:49There’s a big question mark over the future of the North Brisbane Broncos after the NRL announced the team was likely to lose one of its key players for the remainder of the season.

In a press conference in Melbourne on Friday, NRL general manager of football operations Todd Greenberg said the Broncos were not in the best position financially but he could not give any other details as the club had not formally agreed to a new contract.

He said the club was still negotiating with the Queensland Government for the next two years, but there were still “some discussions going on” and the club wanted to “continue to have a good relationship with Queensland Government”.

“There’s some discussions going ahead that are ongoing and I can’t give you a timetable or anything else on that at the moment,” Greenberg said.

He declined to comment on whether any other club in the NRL would be affected.

North Queensland’s relationship with the NRL is fraught with controversy.

The North Queensland Government last year voted down a proposal to establish a regional division, with the Broncos then saying the proposal would undermine the state’s NRL aspirations.

In July, North Queensland Cowboys owner Todd Greenberg announced his retirement after a nine-year stint in the industry.

Mr Greenberg said he was “deeply saddened” to see the Broncos leave the NRL, and he was confident the club would stay in the game.

“There is a lot of talk about the next generation of players coming through the Broncos organisation and I think it is very important to have those players,” he said.

“But obviously it is not a given that North Queensland will be able to maintain a stable and long-term relationship with any NRL club.”

However, Greenberg acknowledged that the Broncos had a “very strong and loyal” relationship with their state government.

“The fact is that we are in a very strong and supportive relationship with North Queensland,” he told reporters in Melbourne.

“They are our biggest supporters in the state.”

We have a very positive relationship with our state government and we’re working very hard to make sure we continue to build our relationship with them.

“That’s a very important relationship.”

The Broncos have lost two key players in the past week, with centre Michael Morgan and halfback Benji Marshall both retiring.

The pair signed lucrative deals to stay with the club and were paid their $1 million salary, but they will both be ineligible to play for the NRL until next season.

Marshall’s departure from the club comes after the Broncos’ season was disrupted by the deaths of two of its players, centre Josh Dugan and centre Luke Lewis.

The Broncos said Dugan died at his home in Brisbane on Sunday, while Lewis was killed in a motorbike accident in Brisbane.

Morgan also left the club last year, after a decade in the business.

He played 11 games for the Broncos this season, scoring one try.

Greenberg said there was “no way” the Broncos could afford to lose both of its stars.

“At the end of the day, the best thing for us as a club is to keep Josh Dugas and Luke Lewis,” Greenberg told reporters.

“Luke was a big part of the team, he played in every game for us and he played a major part in our success this year.”

He was a real part of what we achieved in our NRL career and we want him back.

“But the Broncos said they were still negotiating over a new deal.

Greenburg said the team would continue to look at other options for players, but it was too early to tell if they would be able for a new season.

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How to find the right regional hockey league

The NHL is in the midst of an ongoing search for a regional league.

The league’s executive committee recently met with league brass to discuss options, including potentially launching a new league, as well as developing a new branding and marketing campaign.

The NHL has had an active presence in the area for decades, and the NHLPA is looking to expand its footprint beyond the city and its surrounding communities.

As the NHL prepares for its 40th season in 2019-20, the league will likely focus on the greater metro area and focus on a number of regional markets, such as Toronto and Vancouver.

The new league will be run by an outside group and will have a structure similar to the existing NHL Players’ Association, which was created in the 1960s.

But unlike the NHL, the Players’ Union is currently a nonprofit organization that has no stake in the league or its operations.

As such, it has no say in how the NHL decides to run its games or what the league does with the revenues.

The players’ union is still looking to grow its membership, and has also been vocal in its desire to make the NHL more inclusive.

“There are a lot of things that the Players Union is working on right now,” NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said in an interview with Sportsnet’s Peterborough Sun.

“We’re definitely looking at that.

We have a lot to look forward to in that regard.”

Bettman added that the league hopes to expand the number of teams in the region, and that “it would be beneficial to have a regional hockey conference.”

The NHL and the Players Association were recently locked in a bitter contract dispute.

In the latest episode of The Early Show, Bettman addressed the possibility of the NHL returning to the Canadian market, which he said was “a good idea.”

The current league will not play in the Canadian Hockey League, which is the highest level of professional hockey in North America.

That means that if the NHL was to return to the league, the players would be free to return and compete against other players in the CHL.

The Players’ union has been working with the NHL to develop a new, more inclusive brand for the league.

It is now working with companies like Target to develop new clothing lines, and a new logo is being created to reflect the league’s global image.

The union hopes to create a new partnership with Nike, which it says will “build on our successful global partnership with the players, create a partnership with a global brand and create a global platform.”

The players have also begun developing a digital platform that will include an app, social media and video content.

The plan is for the new platform to be released by mid-2019.

Bettman acknowledged that the new brand would be more tailored to players in Canada, but added that it is still “too early” to say how the new branding will look.

“I don’t want to overstate this, but I think the players have a very unique brand,” Bettman told the Sun.

How to get the best coverage from the US news network and the UK’s BBC

It’s a simple rule: If you can get the UK or US media to cover something, it’s going to be covered.

And that’s the case with this week’s World News.

But if you’re just a casual reader, the UK and US media might not be your first choice for news.

In the United States, the BBC is a prime destination for all things UK.

There are, of course, plenty of US TV channels, including Fox News, which can be followed on TV.

But there are also a number of foreign news networks, which are much less well-known.

But, for a start, the British media has much better access to US news than the US has.

The US has only a handful of major media outlets, with Fox News and CNN as prime examples.

It is far easier to find coverage of the US in the US media, and the British press has access to the US, as well as much of the world, as the BBC does.

For the US’s biggest news network, CNN, US audiences have access to a wider range of sources, from the BBC and CBS News to the Associated Press and Fox News.

And CNN has far greater reach than Fox News or CNN.

The BBC is even better at covering UK-specific events.

It has the BBC World Service, which airs on US channels such as CNN and MSNBC, and a UK version of the BBC News app.

A BBC World service, for instance, is a huge part of the reason why the BBC has become so well-liked in the UK.

For years, British viewers have been able to watch a BBC documentary about a local festival, which is often broadcast on the BBC’s US-based Newsnight programme.

And in the past year, the news service has become a major part of UK culture, particularly as Brexit has become more of a public issue.

So if you want the UK media to talk about the UK, it makes sense to get them to cover the UK in a way that gets them coverage in the United Kingdom.

Of course, the media is a global business, and it makes no sense to try and make all British media the same.

But with a few key exceptions, you can try to get US and UK media outlets to cover things from a similar perspective.

So, for example, CNN could be used to cover stories about Brexit in the States.

And a BBC News podcast might be a good place to start.

But you also need to keep in mind that British media is much less likely to cover events in the European Union than in the USA.

So in practice, it probably won’t be easy.

But it will work.

Why it’s hard to understand why the Indian government doesn’t want to get rid of net neutrality

A recent Indian government survey of net-neutrality policy states that the government has no intention of removing net neutrality.

What makes net neutrality so important is the ability for all Internet users to access all the information on the Web without discrimination, with all traffic treated equally, the report says.

Net neutrality is an important principle to protect online freedom, but as the report points out, it is also very difficult to understand the government’s thinking.

The government doesn’ t understand the significance of net neutrality and doesn’t seem to have a clear policy for what it wants to achieve, the researchers said.

“The data show that there is no clear understanding of the government policy and what it will achieve.

We need more research and analysis to understand what is the government thinking on net neutrality,” a spokesperson for the Indian telecom regulator, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), told Reuters.

Net-neutralies, or the principle that all Internet traffic should be treated equally without discrimination under the rules of the Internet, is one of the pillars of open access and free speech online.

A growing number of countries, including the US and China, have taken steps to loosen the regulations of net Neutrality to allow companies like Facebook and Google to pay to serve them ads.

But net neutrality has been a major source of friction between India and its western neighbors, including China and the US.

India has been working on a net neutrality bill for several years, but has not seen a clear plan to implement it.

In April, the government made the proposal for the legislation in a cabinet meeting, and the final bill was finally introduced in Parliament in September.

The bill requires that all companies that are not telecom operators be required to pay for blocking and throttling.

But the government, which is in opposition to net neutrality, has not taken any action to enact net neutrality rules, which are not legally binding, according to the TRAI.

The telecom regulator says it will study the recommendations from the study, which has been commissioned by the Indian Parliament.

The TRAI declined to comment on whether the government will implement net neutrality in India.

When the state’s biggest railroad dies, what comes next?

NEW YORK — The state’s largest railroad, the Pacific Northwest Rail Line, is expected to be retired in 2028 after more than 50 years of service.

The announcement Thursday by the railroad’s operator, the Washington State Department of Transportation, comes a day after the state passed a law that prohibits the construction of any new railroad projects.

In February, the legislature passed the Rail Safety Act, which bars the construction and maintenance of any railroad in Washington state that does not meet federal safety standards, including the railroads.

The law applies to all railroads that operate in the state, and is intended to help prevent accidents like last week’s deadly derailment on the Columbia River Bridge that killed six people and injured more than 170 others.

When Kumbhalpur is a city, so is Kerala

Kerala is known as the “city of the seas”.

As the city’s name suggests, Kumbhlurpur is one of the most beautiful places in India.

There is also a small harbour there, the port of Kumbhmelur and its harbour is called the “Kumbhalabhoomi” or “sea-city”.

However, it has a very different reputation from the name of the city.

Kumbalpur is also known as “the city of the hills”.

In fact, its hills have a very long history.

This is the story of the hill culture of Kabbilani district of Kerala.

The hills are located on the northern side of the district, close to the coast, at an altitude of around 3,000 metres.

There are several places where the hill people of Kambal village live, where they graze cows and the cattle graze on the hills, and the animals graze in the grasses, along with other plants.

The people of the area were not farmers, and so they did not make much use of the grasslands for cultivation.

In the past, the hills have been used for gathering firewood.

Today, many people are living in Kambals hills to raise their families.

The Kamballam village in Kumblamal village is a place where people go to get firewood, and it is also where the people who live there graze the animals.

This village has a number of traditional buildings.

In a village like this, there is a lot of respect for the land, so there is also great respect for animals.

The animals have to graze for a long time and the grass is so fertile.

They are not afraid of them.

The only way that the animal people could get fire in Kabbal village was to take a lot.

In some places, people were only allowed to use firewood from a firewood stand, while in others, they were allowed to put a lot and collect firewood on the ground.

The grasses are very valuable for food.

For the hill-people, the grass was also used as fuel.

Kabbali villagers gather firewood and make the fire in the hills The hills in Kamba region are rich in natural resources.

The high altitude, which is also important in this region, gives a lot to the people living there.

The region has a lot in terms of minerals and plants.

There have been numerous villages here, which are now extinct, and there are other areas that have been destroyed by mining.

The mining is done to extract coal, iron ore and zinc.

As the hills are surrounded by mountains, there are no roads in the area.

There used to be some roads here, but they were destroyed by the mining.

There were several mining projects here.

But the hill farmers do not have any roads.

They have to go by foot or by camel.

In these days, there have been people living in the mountains.

This has resulted in many different villages being formed in the hill area.

These villages have many ancient monuments that still exist.

They also have their own language, called Kambalam.

This language is still spoken today.

They used to speak their language in the past when they used to go to the hills.

The village elders would go there for firewood gathering and they would also collect fire and put it in a wooden box.

They would also tell the people to get a certain amount of firewood in the box and they also give them their own food.

In many cases, the people gathered firewood for a large number of years.

The hill people are very good at gathering fire.

They will gather fire from the same place for many years, even if there is not a lot firewood there.

When the hills were being mined, they used a lot for mining, and they have to collect it from different places.

In Kamba, there were many people who collected firewood daily for the last four or five years, and also they collected fire for the past four or three years, to prepare for the mine.

When they would gather fire in this place, they would not have much firewood to go around with them.

However, some people in the Kamba hills also collected fire to prepare themselves for the upcoming mining project.

As per the old people, the Kambala village is also home to a number different traditional crafts, called kambalas.

These kambala crafts are a source of wealth in the village, as well as for the people in their village.

For example, the old man who is living here collects firewood here and he is very skilled in the use of fire.

The traditional craftsmen also do not take the people of other villages, like the people from the hills and the people near the hills in their villages.

They only take the local people of their villages and do not engage in any

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