When the Taliban attack your home, don’t panic

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In January 2011, the Taliban attacked and took over the Afghan government in an attempt to establish their own state.

The attack was a turning point for Afghanistan, which was in its second decade of war and, after years of relative stability, was under threat from a resurgent insurgency.

But despite a few setbacks, the Afghan people rebelled against the Taliban, and soon they had their own government.

In the ensuing years, the country has been plagued by the rise of the Taliban and by a new generation of militants, which has left many Afghans with the impression that their leaders and institutions are weak, ineffective and corrupt.

The government is in a dire situation, says Abid Reza, a researcher at the University of Maryland, College Park.

But it is also in a position to defend itself.

“This is a very precarious situation.

If the Taliban want to go back to Afghanistan, they have to find another country.

But there are many countries that can protect them,” Reza said.

“We have a very weak, corrupt government and a very strong Taliban.

So we have to look at the situation on the ground.”

Here are some of the things to know about the country’s security situation.

Afghanistan’s war against the insurgents began in 1996, when the Taliban were declared as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

They were supported by a military alliance of countries led by Pakistan, which had invaded Afghanistan after the Soviet Union pulled out.

The war has continued ever since, with the U.S. supporting the Afghan army, the United Nations, the European Union and the Uyghur separatists.

Today, the U, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, controls more than 60 percent of the country and is also the only country in the world where the government is controlled by one ethnic group, the Uzbeks, rather than the majority Han Chinese.

Despite its long history of conflict, the government of the Islamic republic is remarkably stable, with elections held every four years.

But its political system is deeply divided between the Taliban-controlled parliament, which nominally represents the people, and the elected legislature, which is dominated by the Taliban.

Many people believe that the parliament is not independent, but that its members are either part of the same political party or are members of a local alliance that has little influence over the government.

As the Taliban seized power in 2012, they began implementing a new political system.

The parliament is made up of members elected on a proportional basis.

But in March, a Taliban-linked political party nominated a candidate for parliament, and two weeks later, a candidate from that party was elected to parliament.

While the Taliban controls the majority of the parliament, the parliament has not always been stable.

In 2013, the legislature passed a law that gave the government more powers, including the ability to negotiate peace with foreign powers.

But after months of negotiations, the talks fell apart when the Uighurs, a Turkic people, accused the Taliban of killing their leaders.

The Taliban, however, continued to press for an independent parliament.

The U.N. is still trying to negotiate a peace deal between the two sides.

In March 2017, the Pakistani government said it would withdraw its troops from the country.

The Afghan government, meanwhile, has been struggling to negotiate with the Taliban in the hope of ending the fighting.

The United States and the European Central Bank have offered to provide financial assistance to the Afghan economy, which remains largely dependent on foreign aid.

But many Afghans are wary of the possibility of a new wave of violence.

They fear that the Taliban could bring back the insurgency and bring on the return of the Afghan Communist Party, which led the insurgency.

The president, Ashraf Ghani, has made a number of visits to Afghanistan in recent years, but he has not yet visited the country during the war.

In May 2017, he visited the Taliban’s capital, Kabul, and said he was “ready to make peace.”

The Uighur president, Mirza Masood Qadri, has also visited Afghanistan, though he was less direct.

“The United States has always been here, the Europeans have always been there.

But we need to get rid of them,” Qadris said at a press conference in Kabul in October 2017.

But for the Afghan President, peace is a long way off.

Ghani is expected to travel to Europe for talks in November.

“Peace is an impossible dream.

But at least I know what I am going to get,” Ghani said at the press conference, according to The Associated Press.

And as the war continues, so does the outlook for Afghanistan.

The economy has shrunk in recent months, and its infrastructure is struggling.

The Islamic Republic’s foreign policy, like its economic and military policies, has largely been driven by politics.

The country has experienced a series of coups and assassinations since it gained control in the 1980s.

The last one in March 2016 killed the Taliban leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar, and his

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