Which is the most dangerous city in Australia?

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Posted April 07, 2018 14:40:52 The top five most dangerous cities in Australia are Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Hobart.

Key points:The most dangerous places in Australia have been ranked by the Crime and Safety CommissionAs a result, the Crime Commissioner has urged caution with respect to the use of public transportIn addition, he warned people should avoid “places where it’s possible to shoot” in Sydney and Hoback, and “places that have been known to have high levels of violence”.

The Crime and Safe Communities report also found the crime rate in Victoria was one of the highest in the world, and that it is the worst in Western Australia.

“The biggest problem in Western Australian is the drug trade,” said Dr Paul D’Souza, chair of the Crime Prevention Committee.

“We know that drugs and violence are the big killers in Western countries.”

“In the last 10 years, there’s been a huge increase in the number of people who have died from overdoses, which has led to the deaths of about 500,000 people.”

“The increase in overdoses has been caused by an increase in drug-related deaths, and the drug dealers are just getting away with murder.”

Dr D’Stouza said there were other problems in Western Victoria, such as high levels and high levels in crime, with the number one cause of death for people aged 65 years and over in Western WA being homicide.

“And that’s why the crime and safety commission of Western Australia is calling for a reduction in drug dealing, as well as for the use and possession of firearms,” he said.

“I’m very concerned that if we have more drug dealing going on, we’re going to have a lot more crime and we’re not going to be able to prevent it.”

In the second year of the new Crime and Safer Communities strategy, the police force of Western Victoria was the subject of a federal parliamentary inquiry.

Dr D.

Sousa said the police service in Western Perth was also on the frontline of the drug problem.

“There’s a very high level of violence in Western areas, and I think it’s very important to say that that’s not happening in other areas,” he told ABC Radio Perth’s Metro Morning.

“In other areas there’s no drug dealing at all, so that’s the only problem we’ve got.”

So we’ve seen the violence levels in Western suburbs, which are very, very high, and in Western parts of the city.””

We’ve got some very high levels, we’ve had an increase of overdoses in the last few months and that’s a big concern.


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