Why it’s hard to understand why the Indian government doesn’t want to get rid of net neutrality

Jun 16, 2021 About

A recent Indian government survey of net-neutrality policy states that the government has no intention of removing net neutrality.

What makes net neutrality so important is the ability for all Internet users to access all the information on the Web without discrimination, with all traffic treated equally, the report says.

Net neutrality is an important principle to protect online freedom, but as the report points out, it is also very difficult to understand the government’s thinking.

The government doesn’ t understand the significance of net neutrality and doesn’t seem to have a clear policy for what it wants to achieve, the researchers said.

“The data show that there is no clear understanding of the government policy and what it will achieve.

We need more research and analysis to understand what is the government thinking on net neutrality,” a spokesperson for the Indian telecom regulator, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), told Reuters.

Net-neutralies, or the principle that all Internet traffic should be treated equally without discrimination under the rules of the Internet, is one of the pillars of open access and free speech online.

A growing number of countries, including the US and China, have taken steps to loosen the regulations of net Neutrality to allow companies like Facebook and Google to pay to serve them ads.

But net neutrality has been a major source of friction between India and its western neighbors, including China and the US.

India has been working on a net neutrality bill for several years, but has not seen a clear plan to implement it.

In April, the government made the proposal for the legislation in a cabinet meeting, and the final bill was finally introduced in Parliament in September.

The bill requires that all companies that are not telecom operators be required to pay for blocking and throttling.

But the government, which is in opposition to net neutrality, has not taken any action to enact net neutrality rules, which are not legally binding, according to the TRAI.

The telecom regulator says it will study the recommendations from the study, which has been commissioned by the Indian Parliament.

The TRAI declined to comment on whether the government will implement net neutrality in India.

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