Why this man was on his way to heaven: He was ‘the best’ man alive

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Posted October 27, 2018 07:30:10 The story of the man who had a vision of the Virgin Mary and a vision that was to lead him to heaven is now being told in a new documentary by one of the people who witnessed the vision.

The man, who goes by the name Joe, has told his story to the Channel Seven film “I’m Not Here” which is on Netflix.

Joe says he was driving his father’s truck on the highway in Wivenhoe, south of Melbourne when a white truck with three women sitting in the back was coming up the hill.

“I thought I could see the top of the truck,” he said.

“And there was a white man in the front seat and a man in back, both men were wearing white.”

One of them said ‘I think we should go back to the motel’ and the other one said ‘Let’s go back home and get some breakfast’.

“The three women got out of the car and the man got out, Joe says.”

They said ‘Get back in your truck, it’s going to be a long way’.

“I said ‘OK, you know, I’m not sure why’.”

They just drove away and I just went back to my dad’s house.

“The man says he turned on his dashboard camera and began filming.

The men who witnessed his vision, who also asked not to be named, said they thought the man had an epileptic seizure.”

There was no sign of him having an epileptics,” one of them told the ABC.”

He was just calm, relaxed, and there was nothing going on.

“It was like he was in the moment.

There was no real confusion.”

Joe says it was the first time he had seen a vision like this.

“At first, it was just a vision and then it went further,” he told the program.

“When you see a vision, it looks like you’ve seen it before, you just have this image and it’s like ‘Wow’.”

But when you’re with someone for an extended period of time, you become very familiar with them, you start to understand them a little bit more.

“You start to get a better sense of their personality, and it starts to get to a point where you start seeing things that are much more vivid and more clear.”

The men have now been invited to a private screening of the film in Sydney.

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